Gossip Girl Caption Contest 152

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Welcome back to the 152nd Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is GSparks28. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go to Jenna Hamed, MissRooobin, Audreyhep and DrCerrenoMD. The winning entry appears below. Thanks to all for playing and good luck next week!

Cousins Out to Lunch

Serena: There are two things you need to know if you want to survive in this world, Charlie. First is Gossip Girl. She knows everybody's business. She knows everything about everyone. That's why her blog is so big, it's full of secrets.
Charlie: And what's the second thing?
Serena: Stay away from hum-drum Humphrey because that Labrador is mine.

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Charlie: So, I hear people are calling me the new Jenny of the Upper East Side...Got any tips for me to avoid banishment?
Serena: Well, keep away from unwashed extensions and racoon makeup... Oh and avoid incestuous inter-relations!


Charlie: So, Serena, what's up with your hair? Did you stop washing it?


Charlie: So Serena, who are the cute guys in the UES? That guy Dan, he seems nice!
Serena: Yeah, but him I used to date so it would be weird.
Charlie: Ok, so what about Chuck, he's gorgeous
Serena: Yeah, but Chuck wants Blair, Blair wants Chuck, I wouldn't get in the middle of that!
Charlie: Oh! What about Nate?
Serena: I think he's dating someone and to be honest he dated everyone, me, Blair, Vanessa, Jenny..
Charlie: Wow it is true, you rich people really do all sleep with one another!!!


Serenia:So what do you think about my show i'm writing, Gossip Girl? Charlie:It's great but WHAT THE F is up with each episodes,it's title are name after movies, I mean can't people come up with thier own idea's anymore!


Charlie: So that's Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey, a little bit of Chuck Bass, Carter Baizen, Aaron Rose, Trip Van der Bilt and Ben Donovan. Wait.. Why am I listing names?
Serena: You asked me to give you a list of hubbies [hubby] I usually do.
Charlie: No, I asked you for hobbies - you know, things you usually do Serena.
Serena: Oooh..


The waiters ears pricked up when he over heard the word garter in the ladies conversation, but he quickly lost interest.
"Yes just like garter stitch, you leave an end about three times the length of the required cast on, put a slipknot on the needle. Holding the yarn end in the left hand, take the left thumb under the yarn and upwards....."


Charlie: No way!
Serena: Yes! My step brother and I have dated on and off and Chuck, my other adoptive brother once tried to force himself on me and on my step brother's sister, Jenny - they later slept together. We all love each other anyway. Except for Jenny, whom I hate. But I can't really remember why...
Charlie: I think my mom was right, the upper east side really is toxic...


Charlie: so serena what's the deal with you and Humphrey? Serena: what dan? We dated that's all Charlie: ooh, what about Nate? Serena: we dated too... Charlie: do you um...date all your friends? Serena: what? No! Look I'm just here to show you a good time Charlie: okay but out of all the guys on the upper east side, how many guys have you slept with Serena: Charlie! Cut it out! Charlie: five? Serena: stop it!... Besides that's not even close to the real number


Charlie: So...what do you guys do for fun around here?
Serena: Ohh you know the usual.....shop, go to parties, scheme plots of revenge, steal each other's boyfriends! And the best part is that it's all recorded on Gossip Girl!
Charlie: hahahaa ..wait you're serious?


Serena: so you think that my thigh is better than Blair's?

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And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

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[to Jenny] That's the thing. You need to be cool to be queen. Anne Boleyn thought only with her heart and she got her head chopped off. So her daughter Elizabeth made a vow never to marry a man. She married a country. Forget boys. Keep your eye on the prize, Jenny Humphrey. You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you. For what it's worth, you're my Queen. I choose you.