Gossip Girl Caption Contest 153

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Welcome back to the 153rd Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is queenbee94. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to Audreyhep, Anne and meeny. The winning entry now appears below. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next time!

Playing Dress Up

Blair: No, Dorota, I'm looking for something that says "I'm the next Kate Middleton!", not "I'm the next Chelsy Davy!"

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DOROTA: Here is another skirt, Miss Blair.
BLAIR: This isn't working, Dorota. I can't wear Serena's skanky clothes.
DOROTA: I call Oscar de la Renta for pink dress for party.


Leighton:Here we go again,another gossip girl title being called after a movie and this time it's Pretty in Pink,I don't even look good in pink,no one on this show looks good in pink. Blake looks like a trap in pink and kelly looks even older then what she is in pink! Zuzanna:I look good in pink. Leighton:Pssh oh please,what do you look good in?


Dorota: Do you think this skirt would make me look fat?
Blair: The one you're already wearing, makes you look fat...so no worries.


Dorota: What about this blue dress, miss Blair?
Blair: I told you, Dorota, I'm looking for a dress that says "princess material". Not "easy and available". If I wanted that I could just send Serena to the Prince.


Dorota: Look I found my old uniform from before I started working here.
Blair: I don't even want to know for what job that was.


Dorota: This says "sexy and smart"!
Blair: No, it says "Serena van der Woodsen is my personal shopper"!


woops spelling mistake Blair: No, Dorota, the theme of the party is "Pretty in pink" not "Some like it hot"!


Blair: No, Dorota, the theme of the party ist "Pretty in pink" not "Some like it hot"!


Blair: No, Dorota, the theme for the party is "Think Pink", not "Sluts and Studs".


Blair: Dorota, pack up these clothes. I've decided to donate all of them to children without education.
Dorota: But Miss Serena lives just across the hall!

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