Gossip Girl Picture Preview: "The Kids Stay in the Picture"

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Gossip Girl returns Monday, April 18. We've seen several promo clips from what will be the first new episode in seven weeks. Now, we've posted a photo gallery.

In "The Kids Stay in the Picture," William van der Woodsen, along with Lily's mother and sister, CeCe and Carol, come to New York to support the embattled Lily.

As she awaits the consequences of confessing to her crime, tensions rise. Carol's daughter and Serena's cousin Charlie, comes out to meet the rest of her family.

Meanwhile, Dan and Blair deal with the aftermath of their kiss as Chuck realizes that he wants to win Blair back. Click to enlarge the photos and comment below:

Lily and Former Spouse
Beautiful Serena Picture
Charlie Rhodes Picture
Charlie Rhodes Photo
GG Family Reunion
Serena in Crisis
Circling the Wagons
Serena and Charlie
Cousins Out to Lunch
Cute Cousins
Lily in the Crosshairs
Will, Lil

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CHAIR!!! -, dair sucks , chuck & Blair are meant for each other !


I NEED MORE DAIR. I am so over Chair I love Blair and the way Chuck treats her is just sad. Personally I think that Chuck and Blair together are terrible for each other they bring out the worst. But Dan and Blair are so cute they have adorable moments together and Blair has seemed so much happier in the last couple of scences with Dan than she was for the entire Chair period. But I still can't wait for next Monday. DAIR FOREVER!!!!!!!!!


I miss Chuck and Blair! they r the best couple ever! i hope they get married!!!




12 days until GG. I MISS CHAIR!!!!!!


Sad that there are no CB pics. I'm really hoping for some fantastic CB scenes. Leighton and Ed do drama and romance like no-one else!


I really hope the writers won´t repeat the storyline of season 3 with the whole "William tries to steal Lily back" thing. Wondering why he´s not in jail yet, he deserves to be for putting Lily on drugs she didn´t need.


I miss ChuckandBlair and hopefully soon my praises will be answered. Yay!


I miss chuck and Blair. I can't wait to see them interact.


the lack of Chuck and Blair is very disappointing. I don't really care much about the millions of guest stars.

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