Gossip Girl Producer Promises "Very Big" Event Monday

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We've seen promos and a sneak peek from the episode. Now Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran gives us a preview of "The Princesses And The Frog."

In addition to the complications brought to Blair and Louis' romance by his mother, and Nate getting caught in the middle of Chuck and Raina, Joshua promises:

  • Vanessa still being on the outs with ... well, everyone (shocker)!
  • Rufus getting a job (and even more amazingly, a storyline)!
  • Something "very big" happening. One of the biggest things ever to happen on the show, in fact. It will "change the course of several characters forever."

What the preview below and comment with what you think that is ...

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i hate this show now. what the hell happened to season one writing?


@pty. You're gonna be pissed at Chuck?? Actually, I know what you mean, I was soooo pissed with Darth Vader when he killed Obi Wan....what a douche!!!! Dude, that was way harsh!!! ...then I realised it was all make believe and being angry at screen villains is a little bit silly.... Y'know?? Basically, someone just made this stuff up. Sorry to break it to you.


@pty Are you serious?? did you just post a 30 million word 'article' here?
Wooooo someone needs a life!
Luckily there's only three more episodes left before you get yours back.


I agree that if somebody really doesn't like the show the person should just quit alltogether. People posting that they're going to quit the show if this or that happens is a way to put preasure on the show to see if they get their way and I'm not going to critize it, everybody is free to do as their want as long they don't hurt anybody and keept it cordial and civilized (meaning no bashing). Personally I don't like that way of putting preasure and I think is because I know I'm not going to do that. If Chuck really does something stupid to Blair next episode I'll be pissed with him but I won't stop watching the show, just like I haven't stopped watching during the whole Dair storyline, maybe I don't repeat their scenes several times like I do with other scenes of other episodes but I do watch them when I'm watching the episode the first time. Like I said in another article I'll only judge the Chuck and Blair scene when I see it but even if things go to the extreme when I can't ship Chuck and Blair anymore I still won't ship Dair, I'm sorry but for me that's just a proof of how these producers seem disconected from the dynamic of TV storytelling. I have Chuck and Blair related reasons and Chuck and Blair non related reason why I don't support Dair, and the latter ones will remain standing even if Chuck and Blair go to the point of unshippable in their storyline. Judging by some interviews that I have read in the forums here, the producers may seem to think is normal for a group of people to hook up to the extreme between amoung themselves but it's not, specially in one of the most populated cities in the world. That's why I haven't been vocal against Blouis, the engagement thing is rushed and there's probably a cat in the bag but sans that the relationship itself is more pausible than Dair. Besides, Dair breaks the girl code between Serena and Blair (that for some people is perhaps the really most important relationship of any kind on this show, the base of this show). It could also put Blair in the position of having slept with all 3 male leads (it's bad enough that she has slept with 2 best friends like Chuck and Nate, now the on/off boyfriend of her best friend has to be added to the list?) to which some add the Vanessa comparison (this would put Blair in the same position than Vanessa who HAS slept with the 3 male leads, which for some people is like an insult to one of the most love characters Blair, for the general dislike that the fandom feels towards the other character, Vanessa). Plus there's the Jenny connection (even if she stops loving Chuck, Blair could never warm up entirely to Jenny, she will always have 3x22 in her head, even if Dair happens). There is also the status and money conection, if Dan already had issues with this while in a relationship with Serena, with Blair is going to be a bigger issue and yes, I have read before the argument that Dan has changed and I'm not saying he hasn't, he's more understanding and maybe he can keep his judging in check (his judging doesn't bother me but I know is a big issue for a lot of people), but still, if Blair has problems to put herself at the same level than Chuck in terms of power and somewhat status then Dan has to make a bigger effort to be at Blair's level, and believe it or not the realistic thing is that these kind of stuff put preasure on relationships, this show is hightened reality but I don't think they could dodge that bullit, Dan has money now but it comes from Lily via his father and people are not so forgiving of that, it will take a while before he can truly jump start his career and make something by himself alone (which hopefully will happen) and yes Blair also has to go through the same path but wanted or not she has a foot ahead because she has money and she'ss known because of her parents, specially her mother, which open doors, Dan can use Lily's name (I don't know how much leverage Rufus has a former rocker and yest I know Rufus had some money before Lily) but Dan's a stephson, while Blair is the daughter of the person with connections, you have to take all that into account. Also there's the behaviour in that world, Cece warned Dan about that in 1x10 and it was a bitchy thing from her part but it is a fact, with Serena this was not really an issue (something that Dan probably failed to notice at the time) because Serena is laid back, but with Blair this is an issue and a big one, in that same episode Blair was saying to Chuck (who like her grew up in the UES) that he needed to learn how to behave himself, is not like Dan doesn't know how to behave himself in public or that he hasn't learned a lot during these years but is not the same if you haven't born there, he still has things to learn that the NJBC club already knows. If Jenny who was more eager to be part of that world couldn't learn or understand everything what will happen to Dan? With Serena he doesn't have to worry about this because she's not demanding it from him and she may even agree to live with him apart of this world (the UES), but Blair will never agree to that, she is this world. I also don't have anything against Internet campaigns, is everybodys right to be vocals or not, besides the producers of this show have a track record that has provoked this. Personally I think they should stop giving these interviews pre episode, we got some extra scenes but at the end they just put the fandom more on edge. So far we have got storylines that have pushed the limits too much like 3x17. In fact the Dan and Serena storyline of them sharing a sibbling could fall into this category. For me this is not an issue and I guess it could be surprising considering that I don't support Dair due to the expressed above but I don't have an issue with this, but is because a)D and S are not blood related and b) I saw a similar storyline in another TV show and it wasn't an issue at the end, the couple ended up together. Beside Dan and Serena didn't knew about this when they fall in love the first time and it's not their fault this happened. But if you ask me I admit that yes it would have been preferable that they didn't make that storyline to separate them, with Rufus and Lily getting married it was enought to cause a separation, and the under utilization of Scott in the general storyline of the show only contributed to make this storyline feel like it was all for nothing, they don't even mention him since season 3, unrealistic considering Lily's current legal problems and such. That's why if fans want to be vocal about their distate of something the rest can't censor that whether we agree or not. There's also the issue that the same people producing this show produced The O.C. and we all know how that ended. So if people wants to do "saved Chuck and Blair" campaings or people from other ships want to be vocals in the forums and such, who's to say that is wrong?


I'm all for Chair ending up together at some point or another and we all know it'll eventually happen. When it happens is beyond my control, but Dair really and truly becoming a couple, would just be quite weird.


@Chair Be gone I'm not speaking for every chair fan, but I never said it was ever up to me what happens on the show. Just showed the numbers and stated my opinion not anyone elses. You're free to stop watching if Chair continues and you don't like it just like I'm free to stop watching if Dair happens.


Chair is endgame. END of story. I can't wait until they end up together, just to laugh in all those faces who ever doubted them. (:


I'm SO sick of chair fans. They're really on a mission to make sure they get their way. Its sad and annoying and frankly I hope Chuck and Blair never get back together just so you chair muppets realise that it was never up to you!

Gossip girl asia

hey GUYS,
Did You heard Blair old minions of Constance Billard mean girls Kati farkas and Isabel coates will return to fourth season finale!


People gave Dair a chance in episode 4.11. It got 2 million views. Only to go down to 1.5 millon for 4.12. The episode where everyone thought Dair would kiss, 4.15, (The one where the promo showed Dan holding Blair's hand as they were spying on Chuck) got the lowest at 1.3. The infamous Dair kiss episode, 4.17, got 1.39. The newest episodes got 1.4 and 1.5. Still not that great. That info was copied from another site. From 2.0 million down to 1.3, that's a seven hundred thousand view drop which just cant be ignored. The episode where Chuck and Blair have sex on the piano, got 2.0 million views, the one after it 1.8. All the Chuck and Blair episodes do significantly better than the Dair episodes. If the CW wants to keep GG on, they'll steer clear of a Dair relationship and keep them friends. If Dair does happen the ratings will tank even more and that will be the end of the show. I'm basing it on the numbers, not on what I feel should happen on the show. I think Chuck needs to grow and deal with his issues alone once and for all before him and Blair get back together, but I dont think they should put Blair with Dan, find someone else for her while Chuck figures himself out or keep her with the prince for the time being. I don't want the show canceled, but I'm not going to lie, I'll watch GG recaps if Dair hook up. And this is not a threat saying oh I'll stop watching, etc, just stating my opinion, for me, they are better as friends. Anything more than that, and I'll pass on the show until Blair and Chuck both come to their senses.

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