Gossip Girl Promo: "Petty in Pink"

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Last night, Gossip Girl returned with a slower episode that set the tone for future weeks. For our in-depth analysis of "The Kids Stay in the Picture," see our Gossip Girl review.

It looks like things begin to pick up in next week's episode, "Petty in Pink."

Serena enlists Charlie to go undercover to determine why Dan and Blair are spending so much time together, and what role an unexpected visitor plays in their lives.

Elsewhere, with Nate’s help, Raina decides to go on a search for her long-lost mother, and Chuck copes with the reveal of more devastating information from the past.

Looks like Dair's not dead yet! Watch the promo for the episode here ...

What do you think? Extended promo and sneak peeks to come soon!

UPDATE: Follow the jump for an extended, higher-quality promo:

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April 20th, 2011 5:06 AM @chenevana0952 what neckerchief?! Scarf oh~my poor English


the whole being with dan thing is fake and she's with the prince and for some reason doesn't want anyone to know and that kiss is staged... i read that on a website and im pretty sure its true cause they said what was gonna happen in "the kids stay in the picture" before it aired and were right.


loving the Blair and Dan connection... so great to see the growth in Blair's character and how she connects with Dan :)


it will just break my heart if this season does not end with a DAIR love affair .....


@chenevana0952 what neckerchief?!


Blair and Dan kissed twice. After the first kiss, she realized that she really want to be with Chuck. Why the hell does she go on and kisses him once again? Just so she could say that that was her biggest mistake in her life?!? If she doesn't have feelings for Dan, just maybe she should stop kissing him. Oh, com on writers, right now, Dan and Blair together are the only thing funny enough and worthy of watching.....


@gg fan: I totally agree with you 100%.


Blair Waldorf is very sweet for Prince LOuis Grimaldi..
they should engaged and marry..
No chuck and blair.
Chuck Marry with Eva.
Nate Marry with Juliet.
Dan marry with Georgina. just Hope Blair is Choose Louis! it's A new Fantastic Epic Love.. very handsome and beautiful couple !


why is serena jelous?????? she loves NATE not dan. or at least she should


More Dan and Blair! Hooray! Serena is totally jelly. :p
Hahahaha, no. But seriously. Serena is just all mad because Dan and her decided to wait and give themselves another chance because they may ruin it again. But I don't see what the big deal is. Serena dated Nate when he was Blair's boyfriend for years. So for her to judge and be all mad that she could be with Dan is just stupid. Everyone in that group gets around. They're all so incestuous when it comes to their group of friends.

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