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Last night, Gossip Girl returned with a slower episode that set the tone for future weeks. For our in-depth analysis of "The Kids Stay in the Picture," see our Gossip Girl review.

It looks like things begin to pick up in next week's episode, "Petty in Pink."

Serena enlists Charlie to go undercover to determine why Dan and Blair are spending so much time together, and what role an unexpected visitor plays in their lives.

Elsewhere, with Nate’s help, Raina decides to go on a search for her long-lost mother, and Chuck copes with the reveal of more devastating information from the past.

Looks like Dair's not dead yet! Watch the promo for the episode here ...

What do you think? Extended promo and sneak peeks to come soon!

UPDATE: Follow the jump for an extended, higher-quality promo:

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There is definitely more to cousin Charlie. She is going to be the new Juliet in some ways ,as far as drama goes. I read a comment earlier about how someone said the possibilities between Dan and Charlie would most likely be Charlie crushing on Dan and Dan not reciprocating. This seems like a very possible thing. As you recall in last nights episode, right after Charlie said she was going to stay and her and Serena walked away, Carol was a bit frantic and almost let out some possibly important information about her daughter. Carol said "There is something you don't know. She had to quit college because..." (or something like that) to Lily, and Lily cut her off before she could finish saying she'd be well taken care of. And then Carol replies "Just make SURE that SOMEONE is watching her!" Sounds a bit creepy, doesn't it? Is there something about Charlie that we don't know? Something that makes her some sort of threat in episodes/seasons to come? I'm not sure how many episodes she's signed on for, but there is DEFINITELY something they're not telling about her, and she definitely has crazy stalker potential. Perhaps she had to leave school because a threatening situation regarding someone she had feelings for? It's all a theory of course. But who knows, I think it's a possibility that Dan could be the new object of her fancy! Let me know what you think!


I saw last night episode and after all, my heart feels compassion and love for Chuck. What he did with Dan inviting him to the party for me was no big deal, I understand that maybe Chuck over react, but we all make mistakes when we are afraid. Chuck did what he did because the fear of losing Blair, when he discovered that the kiss that have had changed her life, was a kiss with Dan... Chuck thought Blair chose Dan :( I'm a fan of Chuck and Blair because I have seen their love story through 3 ½ years of the series and honestly I don't understand how those who bet Dan can expect love with Blair in like 4 episodes? Just a few episodes ago, Dan sabotaged Blair's birthday party and he said that Chuck and Blair were the worst that could ever happen to her sister Jenny.
Do you forgot all the problems Dan had with Serena during the time they were dating because Dan's rejection to social protocols in which Serena lives because she ispart of the Upper Est Side class?
These complexes made that he and Serena finished their relationship… how do we expect a relationship with Blair can works when she is even more pretentious and careful social classes than Serena?
Dan has always critized to Serena, Blair, Nate and Chuck and all the UPS world because of preferences which are treated, because they do not work hard to get things as other people. There's no way to combine Dan's prejudices with Blair life's style. If the writers decide to give it a real chance to Dan and Blair, beyond their common taste for some things, Blair would have to stop being herself, the Blait that we love and we have followed for years. And if that happens, then what is the value of the authenticity of the characters? Why Chuck is my favorite? Because with Chuck, Blair can be who she is, without being judged. Chuck accepts her as she is and Blair accepts Chuck as he is. Somehow I start to feel tired of how the spoilers play with us, make us think one thing and then happens another. I think that Blair still wants to Chuck, Chuck is her soulmate, the love of her life. And while many things indicate that there may be a possible reunion between Chuck and Blair, I want to stay skeptical. I do not want to go through the disappointment and sadness that I felt with the end of season 3. Do not get me wrong Dair fans, I just want to see things with the logic of the show but as the writers have behaved lately anything can happen. I was so sad for Chuck last night, he looked so handsome in his black suit and also was so charming the detail to pickup that black dress to Blair. The family photo shoots were for the royal families of NYC, Chuck wanted Blair in his photo, because he considers Blair his only family. What more proof of love? I hope Chuck and Blair back at the end of the season, I want an end as in Season 2. And if not, if the producers and writers end up ruining a Chair once again. Do not count on me for season 5, if any. Of the other characters ... I don't have much to say. Vanessa does not have to be there, She needs to be sent to cover the earthquake in Japan and never come back. Her character far from boring, it's hopeless, meaningless.
And I'd like to see Nate taking a more dynamic role in the series. CHAIR FOREVER!


Is it just my computer or can everyone else see the extended promo...?


Eugh...I wish Dair would just happen! And I know for sure that Charlie and Dan will come close to sex, I have proof but why can't Dan and Blair just get together without Serena, Charlie or Chuck to get involved, I mean I like Chuck when he's jealous and I think that Prince Louis will stir things up and make it even more interesting but Dair needs to happen like soon? Not just for show, I mean Blair likes Dan! You can tell but she's in denial and Dan is so cute about his feelings for Blair


Please MORE DAIR!!!


I liked the episode and Dair. I liked Darena season 1 and 2 but now that thy're stepsiblings and have a brother in common- a blood brother-, its incestuous plus with the way Serena's been in seasons 3 -4 I don't want Derena again.


Where is Gossip Girl? Why isn't she effing things up for everyone like she used to do?


I realized something the hardcore shippers are so ignorant especially when Dan still obviously admiring Blair. Can't say love since he hasn't said that either. For Charlie I believe it will be one sided love with Dan, since it is superficial to have Dan instantly gain an interest in Charlie.
This weeks episode was disappointing to both the Dair and Chair fans. However Blair has this urge to deny any association towards Dan, and yet she defends him when Chuck bad mouths him. There is also Blair's bed scene where she is all depressed and not thinking about Chuck. When Dan and Blair were talking about different partners a prince and princess, Blair looked jealous when observing Serena.


@ anon: I dont think its a slap on Dan's face that she realised from the kiss that she wants to be with C. It often happens that everything is right about a kiss but you still want it to be a different person- B realised that she will never feel that way abt anyone other than C- And she likes D-when he say the kiss didnt mean anything to him her face actually falls so she likes D ,she just likes C more

Chair fan

Serena is trying to destroy Blair's and Louis' relationship. In the last seconds of the promo it seems like Louis is going to confront her. I think its so romantic that after kissing Dan, she wants to be with Chuck because that means that all the guys will not mean to her as much as Chuck does. I hope that Chuck is going to be at that party as it will spice things up. I don't like Raina; however, she wants to look for her mum, who really is dead. Why do the big buissness men of the Upper East side always act that way. First Bart told Chuck his mum is dead, when she was really alive and then Thorpe tells Raina her mum left her when she is really dead. It seems that Nate will have some story line, since he will have to choose between Raina and Chuck when the truth is reavled. As for Vannessa she is trying to be the insider as she over hears Blair's and Dan's converstaion about the kiss and than she tells Serena. She probarly just wants Dan back.

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