Gossip Girl Review: You and I Are Not Friends

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Now that's more like it.

After a slower episode last week that introduced set some things in motion but offered little in the way of drama, intrigue or humor, tonight offered all of the above.

If you like Gossip Girl, then you probably liked "Petty in Pink." Maybe you don't like some of the characters' decisions, but with the show's standard formula for success - sexiness, spying and scandals - it had all the makings of a solid episode and it delivered.

Reflection of Beauty

Dan can't be just friends with Blair.

Despite my disappointment that we didn't SEE the kiss between Dan and Blair (come ON, writers) it did result in a major revelation for the Donut: He LOVES her!

He tried to deny this to others and to himself. He even kissed her as a ruse to aid her romancing another guy. But he's finally come to grips with his true feelings.

I love that Dan acknowledged this. The question is what he does next.

Will he try to get in the middle of the royal courtship Blair is so taken with? Will Blair ever admit her similar connection with Dan, which she continues to repress?

Somehow I predict that Charlie, who's getting the hang of UES life quickly, will try to help him win Blair back, while secretly harboring feelings for Dan herself.

Dan's gotta make a move at some point. While Prince Louis seems like a good-on-paper guy and all, B seems more smitten with the IDEA of him than anything.

The glitz and glamor of dating royalty were evident in that final kissing scene, with the flashbulbs sparkling and our Queen B swooning. But I think it'll fade in time.

I just don't see him as the long-term fit for Blair, and am going to predict that the only Royal Wedding this spring will involve Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Between Dan and Chuck, who was not involved in Blair's story line this week, one of NYC's finest will triumph come May. Will it be the Prince or the Pauper?

While some parts of this saga were obviously hokey - Lucien yanking Louis back to France unless Blair was dating Dan; any of Serena's reasons for meddling; Charlie's intense desire to become a spy - that's par for the course for GG.

In fact, combined with a fancy party, that pretty much IS Gossip Girl.

Lily in a Red Dress

Lily's floor-length gown conveniently hides her new accessory.

The party in question was an all-pink affair to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, hosted at the VDW penthouse where Lily is now under house arrest.

Wearing an ankle monitor a la Lindsay Lohan, who was hilariously referenced at one point, Lil ultimately pulled the plug on the event after Nate's mom dissed her.

This after Rufus, who actually had a conversation with Dan (there's a first time for everything), went to great lengths to move it to her pad, too. What can you do.

The fact that Lily's simply under house arrest felt anticlimactic, but is probably a realistic punishment, and allowed us to focus on other stories, so I'm cool with it.

While Blair tried to keep a regal romance intact and on the DL, and Lily attempted to stay socially relevant despite a felony conviction, Raina tried to find her mom.

At first, Chuck urged Nate to stop her. Then he accompanied them to New Jersey in search of Avery Thorpe, afraid of what they might learn and what it will mean.

What Chuck knows (or at least strongly believes) is that Raina's mom died in that fire and Bart was responsible, and it's eating away at him more every second.

Beneath the Howard Hughes routine lies a young man coming to grips with his family's legacy, a lucrative but increasingly dark history. What will he find next?

All I know is that Ed Westwick continues to sell it so well. This brooding, tormented shell of Chuck Bass is hard to watch, and at the same time a treat to watch.

Will he try to protect Raina - and his own reputation - from the truth? Will Nate step up and play a role beyond that of supportive boyfriend/sidekick? Stay tuned.

Vanessa is Back! Yes!

Oh yeah, and we have to talk about V.

Perhaps the best part of the whole episode involved someone else Dan is not capable of being friends with. Watching him SHRED Vanessa at the end was tremendous.

"Just to be clear, we are not friends." OHHH, he went there!

One of my favorite things about coming to work Tuesdays is my colleague Eric (a.k.a. Gossip Guy) eviscerating Vanessa in our Gossip Girl Round Table Q&A discussions.

Having extended the olive branch to his old friend only to learn she was going behind his back all along, it was as if Dan spoke directly for Gossip Guy with that line.

Also great were the one-liners from Charlie that good-naturedly mocked the show and its often convoluted plot lines. "Right ... because that happens." Priceless.

What did you think of this week's Gossip Girl? Discuss!


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"While some parts of this saga were obviously hokey - Lucien yanking Louis back to France unless Blair was dating Dan" ...and the actor playing Lucien speaking a language that was obviously not French. And where on earth does that "Grimaldi" reign? Hope it is not France or watch out for your head young Louis! But since Madame Van der Woodsen-Bass-Humphrey is said to have dated Nicolas Sarkozy (! btw), France is still a Republic in the Gossip Girl world. So Louis might be from Monaco, except the last Grimaldi prince who was called Louis died in 1922. Blair IS a princess, she does not need a guy faking royalty to wear a crown.


Regarding Blair's fear of Social Suicide with Dan: why do you think she was picking out his pink tie? She could have simply demanded that he show up at the party. No, that tie-selection is a harbinger of things to come... Blair's brain is beginning, with some struggle, to take seriously the idea that Dan is her future. And he will need help with tie selection, to fill that role!


W, of course Blair loves French New Wave cinema and that's completely in character!
Her distaste for NYU mustn't be mistaken for distaste for the artsy things themselves; rather, it's distaste for the hapless, sloppy, uncomprehending fans of the artsy things! Those who think Blair is poorly paired with Dan also seem to misunderstand this. Dan transcends his Brooklynness because he actually gets it! He's not just some poseur who wants to be a writer; Blair now sees that he's truly talented. He doesn't pretend interest in artsy stuff to be cool; he really knows and appreciates the same sorts of things that Blair does. And he loves her for it, too! Remember Blair's horror over what Dan's musical tastes might be like? Well, as it turns out, probably the same as her own! Blair and Dan click on all levels and look beautiful together. A perfect couple! Their differences in background and values are more compatible than they had realized, and when not, their differences merely stimulate and challenge each other. Neither one will be a pushover for the other, and neither will mistreat the other. Look how Dan abandoned his "Paris Match" gig when he realized the conflict of interest involving Blair! He could have exploited her, but he wouldn't. Blair is afraid of committing "social suicide" with Dan, but she'll get over it. Give it a year... And come on, producers/writers: if you'd give us 1 or 2 slightly steamier Dair scenes, the fans would be converted! It's not a fair fight when all the passionate moments were with Chuck! I want to see some clutching, or as Dan terms it, Blair getting "handsy"!


@ Crissy Can Do: I agree completely


Serena needs to get some substance before she can have an opinion on anyones relationship. "Suck" Serena+Chuck is actually perfect for eachother too.


Crissy Can Do:
I love your point about Serena and Chuck! They seriously need to get over themselves. When Blair and Serena were having that convo about Dan and Serena had something about Blair between interested in Dan b/c she had him first, I was like seriously? Its really interesting that Serena is so mad that Dan and Blair are friends and acts like its a major betrayal but seems to have forgotten that she SLEPT with Nate while he was DATING Blair. Yea...kind of NOT the same thing. And as for Chuck...I used to see Chair as endgame but now I really don't know. As much as I love Chair's chemistry, Chuck has to do something super big to show how much he cares about Blair. And proposing won't do the trick. It's just his way of claiming her. I actually like Dan and Blair. I think they're good for each other. I think thats why Serena is acting like such an idiot because she realizes it too. She realizes that Dan and Blair are both brainiacs who also have the hotts for each other.


Dan? really?


I would really like to see a Blair and Dan romance blossom because they are truly the most fitted for eachother. Blair has grown up a lot over the past few seasons and realizied that however important social status is it's not everything. And it's not like if she ended up with Dan she would be doomed to a life of dish pan hands and clipping coupons. Dan is brilliant and very goal oriented and will probably end up being a famous Novelist or an editor for a an elite news paper or magazine.
I just think it would be nice for Dan to be with someone he doesn't have to save all the time because Blair Waldorf saves herself. And as for Serena and Chuck they both need to get over themselves. Serena seriously needs to drop the victim act because no one is buying anymore. I mean how dare she be mad at Blair and Dan for not informing her of their friendship like its all about her.
Chuck as a really bad Charlie Sheen complex he thinks no matter what he does ( pimp her out to his uncle, take off for weeks, fall "Inlove" with woman after women, and all his selfish stunts ) that Blair will just be waiting. After all that he has done he has learned nothing he still expects Blair to compromise herself no matter how bad she feels about it later.
P.s. I really Love Chucks character and I hope he doesn't change. I also think that Charlie and Nate would be kind of cute together. Raina is a really boring character and needs to go. Love Vanessa as a little evil Betch.


I team Dan And Blair all the way so it was so disappointed that they did not show the kiss. And the prince thing how easy was it for him to walk in to the story line. I really hoping that something more happen before the end of the season.


Gosh! I really don't like Serena! I mean, come on, a few weeks (months?!) ago she kind of make Dan believe they will be together, then they agreed it was not their time (never I hope!) and then pushed her relationship with Ben right under Dan's face (even his appartment!!!) and she thinks she has the right to say something about Dan & Blair relationship?!! She's unbelievable!

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