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This episode was not as great as i expected it! Nothing changed! But the next episode looks Amazing! It looks like chuck punches Louis because he proposes to Blair and it shows chuck with the ring he was going to propose to her last season! Does anyone know if chuck and blair end up together? And what happens to Dan?


I really liked tonight's episode. It had all the stuffs that made me love Gossip Girl -- the scandal, drama and high society hijinks. :)
Blair looked absolutely gorgeous in that pink dress. While She tried to stay true to her friendship with Serena at the same time trying to forge a relationship with the Prince. And scheming with Dan to keep her relationship with the Prince on the downlow. Queen B is at her multitaksing best. Too bad on how it ended and how Serena reacted to what Blair said. Guess, we will find out next week.

I absolutely adore Dan and his crush on Blair. He finally admitted that he likes Blair! I wonder how he will deal with it.

I dont get Serena. She is not with Dan so whats the deal with her issue on Blair and Dan's friendship. Girl a little jealous that they went behind her back to forge a friendship. The world does not revolve around you. Oh well. I still like her and hope that she and Blair will be besties again.

I adore Price Louis. I like him because he made Blair happy. I want to see more of him.

Charlie? she is alright but she obvs has a crush on Dan. Wonder what she will do next.

I felt bad for Lily and how the other society matrons talked about her behind her back. I guess its best she knows who her real friends are.

I couldnt get into the Chuck/Nate/Raina story. I am just not invested it in. I totally tuned out. It was sooo boring.

So thats all. Oh and Eric is on this week....yey! Too much Vanessa--- when will they rid of her..ugh!


Anyone else expecting Chuck to get a half sister by a season finale? How creepy would that be. Honestly its nice not to see Blair scheming all the time reminds me she's human. However i have to ask why Serena and her are still friends? After all the backstabbing and lies, it would just seem like someone should walk away.


This episode actually showed progress unlike last weeks. I was impressed with the Dair moments since Blair had shown jealousy when Dan was hanging around with Charlie. Loved when Dan admitted he had feelings for Blair.
Hated Serena and Vanessa. Serena is one self absorbed, greedy bitch. Vanessa is just a little hobo.


Ugh I missed this episode and was so looking forward to it!? Does anyone know where I can watch it online!?


I want DAIR!!!

Overall, great episode. :)

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