Gossip Girl Season Finale Spoiler Pic: Chair at a Wedding?!

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OMG. Are Chuck and Blair getting engaged on Gossip Girl?

This scan from TV Guide shows a scene from the May 16 season finale, and it certainly shows a happy Chair. The celebratory details remain murky, however.

While we're fairly certain this isn't Chuck and Blair's wedding, it could well be somebody else's wedding, and we know Blair gets engaged by the end of the season.

Could they be celebrating this event? Not if her other potential suitors have anything to say about it. There are plenty of dots to connect in the next month.

What do you think? Will the soulmates be together at last by season's end, or is this hugely misleading? Check out the pic and share your theories with us:

Chuck and Blair Wedding Pic?!

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Everyone has to get over the whole "DAIR" idea as soon as possible. He is too far out of Blair's world and now we know being with him basically threw her back into Chuck's arms. Louis is handsome and sweet and all we could want for Blair but there is no passion or chemistry; they're uninteresting. The Blouis pairing would be one that puts a focus on Blair not a relationship. I'm just waiting for the writers to fix the Chair plot so everyone can stop bitching and accept the idea that they're going to end up together. Also, lets not try and act so "above it all", it's just a television show.


all those dair and blouis fans make me laugh, haha, chair is endgame, you can wish as long as you want that blair fall for another guy, you can want another guy to be with blair, maybe she will love someone else next season or whatever...but she will ALWAYS end up with CHUCK, and no one else!!


chuck and blair were over for me when he sold her for a hotel. how can any girl EVER get past that? being a big chair fan, i was really disappointed after that incident, and if blair chooses chuck, i will lose any respect i had for her. how is she being a POWERFUL woman by going back to the man who threw her to his uncle? dan helped her realize her dreams and for that IM ALL FOR DAIR!!


why and the hell would they say it wasn't the end of Dan and Blair and show what looks like Blair's head and Chuck hitting the glass instead maybe because she is engaged to Louie and then go and show a picture of them on chairs first of all her stepfather Cyrus is jewish so more than likely her mother is renewing her vows that could just be a promotional scenes only to confuse everyone they are not going to actually say here is what is going to happen on the finale that would spoil everything I hope it is a mistake on Gossip girl's part unless they want alot of pissed off Dair fans this is becoming ridiculous they love fucking with our heads and I'm on the brink of saying to hell with the show unless I get some sort of reasurance that Dan/Blair will get another shot this Charlie chick is only a distraction for Dan so he probably gets his mind off of Blair I swear if Chuck honestly snaps and she forgives I will think she is the stupidest person on Gossip girl well it would be the writer's


Isn't it possible that this is a Chair wedding and Blair has simply changed into a different dress for the reception?


The writers should have kept dair going on longer. Its too unrealistic for blair and the prince to get engaged when he returns. But its not unrealistic for chair to happen. I mean yeah blair should make him suffer for longer but tbh it was always going to happen. And blairs wedding should be massive and her dress should outdo everyones expectations so i doubt this photo is taken from their wedding. Maybe cyrus is re-doing his vows?


I'm a bit late to this party, but a few observations: This is a Jewish wedding, but clearly, Blair is not the bride. That may not a bandage on Chuck's hand; it's could be a dinner napkin or scarf because the man's hand shouldn't touch the woman's. So, who's Jewish on the show? Cyrus, obviously--but I'm not sure who else as religion isn't a big part of things.




Blair is at het happiest with Dan. They have the true love relationship quality. Beside, they totally understand each other very well in intelegency and sweet little things, so not in a weird way like Chuck and Blair, which the relationship is kinda gay and drama


i think chuck and blair it's for the everytime i love this couple this is it it really cute. dair is yuck!!dead!!!never existed chuck and blair are maried and they will be together forever even in the season 5 the conexion is important between us and is really wonderful!!!i i love chair!!!

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