Gossip Girl Spoilers: What's Next For Chuck?

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The personal and professional struggles of Chuck Bass will be front and center when Gossip Girl returns April 18. EW has some teases on what's to come for him ...

On whether Chuck and Dan fight over Blair:

Not literally, but, "if you’re a Chuck and Blair fan who is hating on the Hump, prepare for your hate to diminish a bit after the first episode back (airing April 18)."

Bass Off the Hook
Blair and Louis on Set!

On the arrival of Prince Louis from Paris:

Chair fans "won’t be excited to see the Prince. Something happens just before his arrival that will make you want to shove him back in the limo and send him home."

On the redemption of Chuck Bass:

“Chuck will continue to grapple in these last five episodes with Bass Industries and all the secrets that he is learning,” says executive producer Josh Safran.

“Blair has always been the one place he can go to talk about those issues - as witnessed at the end of the last episode, where he is like, ‘I need to talk to Blair.’”

Translation: Blair will be there to break the fall.

Think that means Chuck is the frontrunner in the ongoing debate of who Blair gets engaged to? Is Dan out of the running? Who do you think the lucky guy is ...

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I am a Chair fan and i always will be
This is how i see it,
People who say chuck always treated her bad obviously have NOT watched their relationship AT ALL. Sure he has his moments but so does she, YES he was going to sell her for the hotel and YES it was horrible but she was also going to do it herself and she would have willingly slept with his uncle i feel that they are both the same and so they are meant to be together. Through all their history why would Blair just throw it away for The Prince, who she barely know or for Dan who before a couple of episodes ago she hated.. it just makes no sense i think that the writers just want Chuck to see that Blair can easily move on so he wont feel like he can have her whenever he wants. Point is is that really Blair/Chuck should and will be Endgame


Blair is confuse about her feelings. She keeps denying that somewhat the kiss between her and Dan meant something more and she is scared. From what I have seen from the promo the girl that Dan has been making out with kinda resembles Blair. I don't know but from the looks of it I really think it is Blair.


The question is Blair the new Serena?
lol jk! :P


My prediction and hope: Ed wants off the show, so they are going to KILL OFF CHUCK. Please let it happen. I see it now: Blair is engaged to Louis, but finds out he's a bit of a skunk, and still hasn't come to terms with her true feelings for Dan. So, confused, she thinks perhaps Chuck is right, and she really is doomed to be chained to this a-hole for eternity. She rushes to see him, but as she arrives he is leaping from the Palace roof and dies. It's perfect.


louis's mother : and you are?
chuck:i m chuck bass the love of her life (overconfindent)
imagine dan comes in...
louis' mother : and you are?
dan:im dan humprhey and i m hoping i m the love of her life
then nate comes in...
louis' mother: and you?
nate: i m nate archbald and i used to be the love of her life
louis' mother thinking : one for sure louis is not going to be the love of her life but i ll let him be her fiance anyway


You know you SAY you are normal and not at all twisted... but you just put up your CV here, and you say your normal?RIGHT! Crazy people, say they are not crazy so... I like bad boys, I love me bad boys -on TV that is -and i did like chuck the don't-care, sleep with anything with a pulse, but loyal to his friends jackass (pre-limo) He owns that. Now everyone, their brother, sister, daughter and mother want him monogomus and married at frigging 20! Yeah whatever. But CONGRATS Chuck/Blair fans you won out! Go celebrate but keep it legal.


Wow. I don't think I was ready for that promo! All that waiting and then boom! It contained a lot! I just want Chuck and Blair to be together, though I know it's not plausible. The prince can f*ck off! how could Blair just get engaged to him out of the blue- it's too fast, immature and unrealistic! Come on Blair! Marry me! I mean, Chuck! ;)


i wish they could cut blair in three so each one of them can be with her.....


Ahhhh the new promo looks amazing! I'm sooo excited! I'm very undecided on who I'm shipping right now, as long as Blair is happy. I have to say that Nate's comment to Chuck "Because it's not normal" made me laugh. I'm so excited!


here what i think will happen the last episodes blair feelsw some conection with dan but nothing more, she is living her dream with the prince and chuck tries to win her back , from the new trailer it seems thtsa blair is having second thougths with louis in the night of their engagement because he says if she gets chosen by hiw mother... she is also confused because chuck comes to claim her back and somehow dan is there too, from all the three she feels the less thing about dan so she goes talk to him about her problem without knowing that dan has also feelings for her and since she ans serena are mad to eachother dan is her only friend so they go to a room to talk and take some advice. BUT dan tells her that they are not friends because he has feelings for her , suddenly she gets interesting of him and since she is frustated with the prince and chuck she she starts kissing him and have sex as a last crazy thing before the engagement. after that dan lives feeling used and in the same time even more inlove with her , blair then realises she has feelings for him too but since the night is on and she has two more guys to deal with, she tries not to thinkaboyt those feelings ... then its chuck's turn well they don't have sex but she admitts she loves him but she can't forget the passt so when she is talking to the phone in the promo she says she is engaged with the prince and is in france , the ending scene of season 4 lives blair thinking about chuck and his words:if two people are ment to be together they will find their way back to eachother and then an image pops in her mind but its blair kissing dan .. not chuck and all these thoughts she has them while she is in princes' arms... That way the show will leave as with a huge clifhanger since we still don't know who blair ends up with. the only good thing about new trailer is that it is all about blair and serena doen't even have dan's interesting anymore. the only thing thst pissed me of is chuck wondering what did he did and blair cut him off, like confessing to raina infront of blair was nothing!!!!
ps: even if i wish to see dair happening it doesn;t but at least the trailer was promising enouhg and make chuck and louis grow inside me a bit , but still dair!!!

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