Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Spoilers: Emotional Shots Fired!

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The upcoming season finale of Grey's Anatomy won't feature a crazed gunman, but there will be bombshells, victims, collateral damage and emotional scars aplenty.

On May 19, Shonda Rhimes promises a season-ender quite unlike the event we saw a year ago, but with some thematic parallels. Here's what Rhimes told TV Line:

“Last year, we had a gunman ... This year, there’s an emotional shootout when the season is done, and Meredith, Alex and Cristina are not left unwounded.”

Doctor A. Karev

“What I love about what happens at the end of the season of Grey’s Anatomy is everybody takes very interesting turns,” she continues, “and things will happen that I don’t think anybody is expecting to happen for our characters.”

A clue about Mer’s looming crisis may come in this week’s episode, Shonda says:

“We see Meredith do some things concerning the Alzheimer’s clinical trial that just aren’t good - or even legal - but she feels are right. And once that happens, the consequences for her start to emerge, and it’s about how long she can keep them at bay.”

As for who becomes Chief Resident, that was a fierce debate in the writers room.

“We had big arguments about who should be Chief Resident,” she says, “and part of it really came down to what we wanted the story to be going forward and where all our characters needed to be at the end of the season.”

Well, that's a lot to take in. What do you think the "emotional shootout" is all about? What do you think happens with Meredith - and who becomes Chief Resident?

Share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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I am seriously not sure where to go with this one. I suspect Meredith and Derek are going to have some sort of blowout about Mer's illegal actions, but I really have no idea where it's gonna go there. Cristina and Owen I have dreaded ever since they rushed into marriage - I LOVE Owen, he's my favorite character, but he has really lost screentime this season, and I think his marriage is suffering even though they're not showing it. The focus really has been on Callie, Arizona, and Mark, and to be honest I am a LITTLE bored of it. I'm no homophobe, I just miss seeing others! The triangle with Lexie, Alex, and Mark. Hell, Lexie in general, actually, She's another favorite character who seems to have lost screentime and been booted aside. And April!! Where's the girl who won that trauma challenge? I love to see the fallout of her rejection of Stark (and part of me is hoping for a reconciliation almost), but that brave little surgeon is gone! Bring her BACK! Also - Lucy. I like Lucy, because I like Rachael Taylor. Where'd she go? If she's gonna be around, bring her around! I am a big Teddy/Henry fan. REALLY hope Teddy realizes that she enjoys going home to complain to Henry more than she enjoys the dates. I guess the overall point I'm trying ot make is: Callie, Arizona, and Mark have had their storyline. Cristina had her storyline. Let's look at some of the others who got shunted. Or at least hint that they get some action (pun unintended) next season.


my guess GA S7's final
-Der/ Mer breakout
-Mer, Alex, Cri change to new specaility
-Jason become CR,
-Mark hook Apr b/s she likes sofiea
-Owen's recalled to Army,
-Henry die, Teddy leave with Andrew,
-Webber retired, Stark become a new chief
-Baily/Eli break out
-Callie & Az have a happy honeymoon with sofie


So let me call out my hunches. Now, that baby is the one that was handed to Meredith as the African kids got off the bus, they're not adopting her, yet, anyways.
Adele will improve slightly(before passing early next season). All hospital pharmacies have cameras in them to prevent misuse, so Chief will know what Meredith did. He will thank her for that by making her CR after asking Owen to find someone. Der will find out that she compromised his trial and be forced to deal with the ethical decision of whether or not to pull the plug on the trial, but kick Meredith off the trial completely. Alex will be busted for nagging the old biddy into giving him money. I don't see baby Sofia going anywhere, I can already envision the scene in the hallway between the two apartments where Mark's standing there in his boxers with his door open and some hot chick in his bed while Callie tries to pass off the fussy baby so she and Arizona can have a date night. Someone's going to call Xtina a crazy heartless wench. And she ends up pregnant to Owen, furthering Meredith's fruitless womb woes. At the same time, she'll be extrememly pissed because she pretty much gave up trying to be CR and will feel cheated because she thought she didn't have a shot and maybe she did. And all the subplots will involve Baby Grey, Jackson and April along w/ Stark, since none of them can be CR yet.


For all Calzona haters, sorry to say that but this couple will stick to the next seasons!
Maybe that once the CAM's problems will be resolved definitively, Calzona could focus on their couple and why not to have another child, adopted or natural (if it is natural, Callie could propose to use Mark's sperm in order that baby Sofia and their future other baby get a link, whatever Callie or Arizona get pregnant and that would provoke some new tension in the couple!
-> I mean I can't imagine that their only child be Mark's! But again, their SL should be treated in bzckground, what would be more bearable for us, even though I was a huge fan of this couple but the threesome SL really sucked and ruined both characters!


Pronostic for the finale: - MerDer's breakup (further to Mer's attempts to "save" Adèle) and Meredith return at what was their sweet home with the little girl we saw in 7x21 and 7x22.
Maybe, could she find out that she is pregnant too...
- Cristina/Owen's breakup.
- Alex looses all his chances to become the next CR and ends single again,
- April become the CR not because she really deseerves this job but because the others candidates (Meredith suspended, Alex ejected, Crisitna is the wife of the selector; Avery renounced to be a apart of the final) are out of the race,
- Teddy asking to Henry to accept the divorce in order she can get married with Perkins -> Henry will refuse but as their wedding has never been consumed, she will end to get his agreement...,
- Webber loses Adele and is maybe depressed
- Lexie and Jackson end together...until the next season but Jackson is maybe less thoughtful towards Lexie than before..,
- Callie should put some soooo expected boundaries to Mark's presence and his dependence too after another clash between Arizona and Mark -> maybe Arizona will break in (a perfect sequel to the beginning of s7)
-> even if I don't like at all, the whole threesome SL alone then welcoming a baby, I hope that Shonda won't choose to end the CAM SL with the death of baby Sofia... It would have been "acceptable" as long as the baby was premature and so weak, because it was logical but now, the baby is too "old" and too healthy...
But with Shonda, we never know and it would be a good way to shows that she is loyal to her policy (nobody is happy in GA!)
The next season, we could follow the reconciliation between Lexie/Mark with Callie/Arizona as match maker AND Arizona's long journey to get some parent rights with Callie's support and maybe Mark's opposition but the both SL would be like in seasons 5 and 6, more discreet


There won't be any MerDer trouble. They're adopting a baby, so right now they need to be stable, and I'm sure they will be. My guesses to what happens in the finale go along these lines:
-Karev becomes Chief Resident, but Lucy will leave him
-Cristina and Teddy don't find a resolve, and Cristina is left without a Cardio-God. No don't she'll be pissed about not getting Chief Resident, and as always with Cristina, this may even compromise her relationship with Owen.
-Meredith will compromise Adele's health in some way with her actions, so whether she gets caught or not, I reckon there will be some serious emotional compromises.
-Adele may possibly die. The sudden death of the patient in the last episode for unknown reasons may be foreshadowing this.
-We will say bye-bye to Lucy and Stark. Just guessing :P. Should be an interesting episode!


Disliking a pairing does not make you a homophobe. Calling someone that just because the couple they dislike is homosexual makes you incredibly small minded. No one calls anyone that hares MerDer a heterophobe, so lets put our big boy/girl pants on and stoo name calling all together.


callie is my fav character, i beleve she s Shonda's fav too since season 5.she gets everything.even ppl wo hate her are kicked off the show,lol
iwas always like am i a Calzona's or a Mallie's fan.
but really Mark is letting go of Callie, ididnt like t they r perfect together.even if AZ is cute. Mark needs a ottie just like callie.
and seriously why is Mark a part of the piture, i think he has no place in the calzona land, i adore him and i want a SL for him but not with Lexie, she goes well with Avery plus she had enough with Mark, she shldnt go back to him.
finally, poor mer it is her but she s not the one who gets pregnant nor have a wedding and God she will not be a chief resident!!
and i see a merder trouble in the air.poor Mer


Love Callie and Arizona! Great fun characters! Can't wait to see what happens to MerDer and the whole tainting the clincial trials (hey maybe no one will notice). Enough though with the character hating, you may not be a homophobe but your sure sound like one when all you can say about the show is who you don't like.


mer and derek have been through alot so for him to walk away, mer must have done something unthinkable to jepordise their entire relationship. However i don't believe Derek would walk away because she interferred with the trail, yes it may cost them the trail and may possibly have consequences on her career, but if he was doing the trial because he was so scared to lose her alz. i don't think he would leave her if she hindered the trail. That being said I hope im not wrong, i could never see derek willing leave meredith, but this is shondaland so almost anything goes. I just hope mer and derek stay together after everything they've been through and finally have a family together.

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