Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Spoilers: Emotional Shots Fired!

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The upcoming season finale of Grey's Anatomy won't feature a crazed gunman, but there will be bombshells, victims, collateral damage and emotional scars aplenty.

On May 19, Shonda Rhimes promises a season-ender quite unlike the event we saw a year ago, but with some thematic parallels. Here's what Rhimes told TV Line:

“Last year, we had a gunman ... This year, there’s an emotional shootout when the season is done, and Meredith, Alex and Cristina are not left unwounded.”

Doctor A. Karev

“What I love about what happens at the end of the season of Grey’s Anatomy is everybody takes very interesting turns,” she continues, “and things will happen that I don’t think anybody is expecting to happen for our characters.”

A clue about Mer’s looming crisis may come in this week’s episode, Shonda says:

“We see Meredith do some things concerning the Alzheimer’s clinical trial that just aren’t good - or even legal - but she feels are right. And once that happens, the consequences for her start to emerge, and it’s about how long she can keep them at bay.”

As for who becomes Chief Resident, that was a fierce debate in the writers room.

“We had big arguments about who should be Chief Resident,” she says, “and part of it really came down to what we wanted the story to be going forward and where all our characters needed to be at the end of the season.”

Well, that's a lot to take in. What do you think the "emotional shootout" is all about? What do you think happens with Meredith - and who becomes Chief Resident?

Share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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I would like the season finale be NOT blind Meredith, No break or NO quarrel Meredith up with Derek, NOT make Meredith a single mom but send her to city hall and get pregnant, NOT end her career but send her to become a Chief Resident...I always think that she DESERVE it and she really deserve it with her talent.Is that possible but from the spoiler I feel that season finale this time will shocking everyone out and freaking me out what the hell will happen to my favourite character MerDer. Not more dark and twisty please even if quite impossible.Hopefully bad dream go away, sweet dream here to


Why does April have like no story lines?? She is my total fave. I love how she's so meek but when she won the trial trauma exercise where she got in the ambulance and drove it herself bec noone else was acting fast enough, it was si cute and bad ass! She's adorable and has a lot of potential- she needs to play a bigger role!


alex needs a stable woman. i want callie and mark together,need another hot male doctor attending, owen is boring, no more females, more meredith and derek time, cristina needs more going on,she should be cheif resident, and more interesting surgeries drama like in other seasons. everyone is just running around not operating. spark needs more personality, too dry for that hospital. lexie needs to mature up, very shallow to mark , cant stand arizona,new gyno dr,


I agree with carol. Mer and Der are not the same couple they were a few seasons ago. If this were season 3 i could totes see a break up but they are a strong, loving, and married couple. i can see them maybe angry at each other by the end of the season but i do not see a break up coming. they've come so far and have so much to look forward to. they're trying to start a family and have a new house coming so i don't see der throwing all that away because of meredith's mistake. plus, since next season is probs gonna be there last on the show i don't see shonda splitting them up now. she may make us all angry but i think a merder break up would really be crossing the line.


When Chief Webber wanted Derek to put Adele on the trial, wasn´t there a moment when Derek considered frauding the trial and Meredith talked him out of it? So why would he be THAT angry with Mer, and going as far as jeopardizing his relationship with her, if EVEN HIM thought about it? I can see a huge fight, I can see Derek mad at Meredith for jeopardizing HER carrier as a surgeon, but not mad at her because of the trial, or even mad enough to break them up...


its hilarious how you guys play the homophobic card at the slightest hint of dislike for Ca. Tell you what I don't even notice they are gay because for me that demarcation between people doesn't exist, I see them as a normal couple just like I see MD or CO or ML or whoever
Stop calling every freaking CA hater a homophobic, its so easy to do that and much more harder to accept that maybe its not homophobia its actually just bad horrible story telling and overkill of one character being shoved down people's throats


@Lance So much word so so much word. As long as the parallels are just kept between these two without bringing a third wheel in am all for this.they can't bring a third wheel in NOW at this stage when they are not merely boyfriend girlfriend but married both on Post It and hopefully now on legal papers too.
I agree Meredith KNOWS the storm is coming, frankly she asked for it herself and there is no way in hell Derek won't blow up because this was THE ONE utmost important thing to him right now. I just hope the writers REMEMBER that Meredith was the reason WHY he was doing this in the first place, I am all for them having a tough time as long as they can get through it, but if you show me a Derek walking away flying half way across the country going to yet another bar and starting fresh all over again with a new Meredith Grey then hell you can take your stupid show and go to freaking hell. I can see Derek being MAD even hating her but what I can't see is him completely walking away. test their Post It vows but don't destroy those vows, if he could choose his cheating wife over the love of hi life then well he will stick around no matter what, at least thats the Derek i know. what I want to see is their Post It vows working them both loving each other even when they are knee deep in hating each other. Thats what I want to see. ps...Lance I really really liked your comment you can't imagine how scared i have been for MD ever since the SF synopsis came out but your post gave me hope and faith you are so damned right it may not be the worst thing to happen to them and in the end they would only end up growing from it and becoming stronger.


@job i hate Calzona but i'm not homophobes! this is only show...take it easy!!


i want MORE Alex in the show pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


@KT you know during 4th season everyone said "This is getting stupid how many times can they make these two break up and get back together?" and I was right there with them but at this point I wouldn't mind a little trouble in paradise... They have always had trouble when they fight over work and she really has it coming this time... On a side note though idk if he would move back into the trailer first off because that house has got to be just about done (It's been like two years since they started building it!) and secondly because Alex just got it impounded! lol... Anyway a big MerDer blowout and a slow reunion over next season wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to me either as long as it was done honestly and like no dating other people!

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