Jessica Capshaw Speaks on Grey's Anatomy Wedding

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Jessica Capshaw has always been prepared for a struggle.

Asked what we can expect after her character, Arizona, marries Callie on the May 5 episode of Grey's Anatomy (see Calzona wedding photos), she had an interesting response.

Capshaw said the show's take on love and relationships has always been unorthodox, and that struggling with the ones we love has been a theme since the very beginning.

"Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers have both talked about, since the inception of the show, Grey's Anatomy was never about commitment and marriage," the actress tells E!

Arizona R. Photo

The wedding will be blissful. But what about what comes after?

"It was always about loving someone you're not supposed to love. How do you figure that out? How do you then find your way to them? Do you say no? Do you go to them?"

"[The show used to be about] impossible relationships, possible relationships in impossible circumstances... but now I think it's sort of evolved and matured to what it is now."

"Its about how do you keep and nurture and drive in relationships. That being said, it's a one-hour drama, so you can't just have a bunch of really happy people."

"I'm just guessing now - this is just Jessica Capshaw guessing - I'm sure there will be fallout [from everything that's happened]. Last season Arizona didn't want kids."

"Now she has a kid. Does that mean Arizona is going to become the quintessential mother? Is she going to start baking cookies and having bake sales? I have no idea."

"But my guess is, she won't."

Interesting. Do you think Arizona will be cool to the idea of parenting in the traditional sense at first, or will she delve in faster than some people probably expect?

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stop complaining


@fan obviously, you aren't such a great fan.. Callie and Arizona have an amazing relationship, that's based on so much more than sex! I agree J-Cap and Sara have the great chemistry thing going on, but they had many beautiful dialogs (and monologs) written for them!
It makes me so sad that people write such BS.. it's pretty clear to me that most anti-calzona viewers dislike these two because they're gay, even if it's in a subconscious "I'm-not-a-homophobe" kinda way.. actually- that's even more sad.
@fan- this was adressed to you but it goes for all the winers that posted here before.. as for your point- I've been watching the show from day 1, and I can quote some fine Calzona moments for you, if you'd like... just let me know!


@jOb Calzona is no way a beautiful gay story. Take a throughout look at their scenes and you will find they have no real conversations besides conflicts, follow up committing words and lots of making out. They are made for each other because sex is the only thing they ever do whenever Callie and Arizona are together in private and you think they present a nice image of same-sex couples to the audience?


I applaud Grey's Anatomy for providing such beautiful gay stories to the general public. I dont think people realize how important it is to show a same-sex marriage and relatively healthy relationship between two people of the same sex.
This will educate people of all sexualities.
Jo1 you are a bit of a homophobe since you seem to think the straight characters are so much more deserving of attention than the gay couple.
I'm glad that this couple has finally been able to get such attention since on most tv shows, the gay characters are shoved off to the side and are lucky if they get a major storyline at all.
Calzona is a lovely duo so stop hating and enjoy :)


I think that you can get married and still be in love, have arguments and not be boring...There was so much drama about how baby Sofia came about and Mark being the father that Callie and Arizona deserve some happiness together. How about Callie suffering from Post Partum? I know she suffered alot of trauma from the accident, but so many new mothers suffer from Post Partum that it would be interesting to see Shonda tackle this topic and how it could impact Calzona's relationship. Also, what if Arizona takes to motherhood so much that she wants to carry a baby in Season 8? Maybe she'll agree to Mark providing some help? Since we've never seen any evidence of Arizona's past, what if someone from her past came to Seattle and caused some issues between her and Callie? Oh so many stories to tell for Calzona!!! Marriage doesn't = boredom!!! The baby issue being a hot topic at SGH - Christina and Owen see eye to eye on most except babies....Rough roads for them.. Owen and Christina break up, Lexie dumps Jackson and goes back to Mark, Christina has an affair with Jackson and Owen and Teddy end up together. Baily and Eli get serious only for her ex to come back to SGH and fight for her....What about Karev??? He'll keep hitting on hot Doctor's thinking they are nurses!!! And of course for Mer/Der - they adopt a baby and Mer finds out she's pregnant...What a great story that would be.... Can't wait for the last 4 shows and next season...GO GREY'S GO!!!


@Jo1 You still need to explain to me how Lexie and Avery are more core characters than Callie (especially since she came along before Lexie and way before Avery) and Arizona. Also, by your logic, isn't April a core character? Oh yeah, you don't like her and when you don't like someone you change facts and history to prove your point. I get it. While you are explaining things I wish you would explain why episode 18 (the one that focused the most on Callie and Arizona) was the highest rated episode of the season? How could that be if Callie and Arizona are ruining the show. Also, if you hate those two characters so much why read a post that is obviously dedicated to the two of them and their future. Before anyone says, "this is a free country and people have the right to their opinion" please stick it with that comment. Yes, people have the right to an opinion but just because you have the right it doesn't mean you are entitled to use it in order to go out of your way to be rude and antagonistic. Everyone on this site knows you hate Callie and Arizona and you KEEP bringing it up. You MAKE THINGS UP to try and enhance your opinion. You spout off but never answer questions. You purposely post on a article you KNOW is meant for fans of the couple. I don't understand you. Are you miserable?


i was kinda hoping that after the wedding, they could become a happy couple and fade back into the background and stop ruining the show. hence the core characters (i.e. meredith, derek, alex, cristina and maybe the other residents like lexie, avery) could come back to the front and maybe improve the show after the mess that calzona have left.

Gaby ee

@Grey Area I agree! After the wedding there will finally be more about other characters. I like Calzona but I have seen enough of them already.


MerDer will steal Calzona's baby. Buahahah! LOL. JK JK. Anyways, I will be happy when they marry (kinda) so that their drama will be over and we can focus on other characters on the show. Not just MerDer whom I ADORE, But Alex and Bailey ...I MISS THEM.


I love callie and arizona realationship

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