Mary McCormack: Pregnant on In Plain Sight and In Real Life!

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Mary McCormack is pregnant with her third child, all with producer husband Michael Norris. This is significant not just because it's wonderful for her but a USA Network rep says it will be written into the upcoming fourth season of In Plain Sight!

“Over the course of Season Four, we will see how Mary’s pregnancy will affect her job, her complex relationships with her partner, her sister and ultimately, with the father of her child - which is the big reveal,” the network teased in a press release.

“Stay tuned for the twists and turns leading up to the big secret in Mary’s life.”

Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon

Could it be FBI Agent Farber (Steven Weber)? Someone else? We'll find out soon enough when Season Four of In Plain Sight kicks off Sunday, May 1.

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I am disappointed that the pregnancy has been written into the show when Mary has made it clear that she does not want children. Showing her as irresponsible is ridiculous - more like something her sister would have done in earlier episodes. The writers have done a good job of relegating her family to the sidelines, with more focus on Mary and her job. Why have her pregnant? I don't want to see her character changing diapers. How can she focus on her job AND a baby. And yet again another TV character is sloppy about birth control and supposedly will raise a baby when she has no husband. I'm disgusted and yes, I know it's a TV show but likely this plot line will make me stop watching the show. The loyal viewers deserve better.


You people are idiots. It's a tv show. Get over yourselves.


Hello. I am writing to let you know about how disappointed we are in last night's episode of In Plain Sight. As I write this, I am saddened that with all of the knowledge and literature that is exists about the awareness of people with disabilities that the use of the word retarded was used at all and especially used in such an offensive way in the airing of the first show of the season of In Plain Sight. We sat down to watch one of our favorite shows from last season and were so excited about its return but then we were quickly disappointed in the use of such an offensive word by the main character of the show. We were wanting to be entertained, not hurt. We have a beautiful nine year old with Down Syndrome that has achieved so much and is capable of so many wonderful things. That is why it is so amazing to me that the entertainment industry does not realize how hurtful the use of the word retarded is to families that have a loved one with a disability . We work so hard to make society realize just how wonderful our children are and then we have shows that use language like this to put such a negative connotation to people with disabilities.

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