In Plain Sight Review: Exit Strategy

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Almost every week of this season of In Plain Sight has left me saying the same thing. I am so going to miss this show.  "Sacrificial Lam" was no exception.

This final season has been so achingly good that I'm mourning the character of Mary Shannon before she's even gone. Tonight she tracked her dying father while dealing with their history, not to mention the FBI trying to link her to her daddy's crimes. Nothing is ever easy for Mary.

James Shannon, if nothing else, proved to be complex and quite simple all at once. He hunted down the man who took his son's life and killed him. A bullet to the head got the job done without preamble. Then he moved on.

Next stop was Florida where in a heartbreaking scene he found Jinx. He apologized, said thank you and goodbye all in about 30 seconds. He definitely deserved the slap she delivered and so much more for all he put her through. The look on Jinx's face ran the gamut of emotions from anger, to love, to sheer shock that she was staring at this man who left her to raise their two young girls 30 years ago.

I hope she had the sense to call her sponsor after she got off the phone with Mary. 

My only disappointment was that we haven't seen Brandi all season. I know she was just a baby when their father left but it would have been nice to have her be a part of this story. After four seasons of Mary, Jinx, and Brandi, the family just didn't feel complete without her.

Mary & James On The Run

As far as hunting down James Shannon went, the FBI agent's hatred of Mary became almost comical but as always I loved the way Stan handled it with both calm and derision as he did in this In Plain Sight quote

Stan: I've got one of my best inspectors compromised. Maybe you could fake a little concern, for fun. | permalink

But I have to say I liked Mary's response even more…

Mary: Christ, Snidely, shouldn't you be out there tying some girl to the railroad tracks. | permalink

Yup, he just lacked the twirly mustache to make the act complete.

Despite the incredible stress of risking her career and hunting her own father, Mary's sarcasm never failed her and it's one of the many things I'm truly going to miss.

Every time Mary turned around, Marshall was there the way he's always been and it's a fact that can no longer be denied…by anyone. 

I've grown to really like Abigail. She's sweet and funny and Marshall's right, she gets him. She gets his jokes and his literary references and they have fun. In many ways they're good together but they've both been ignoring the 800 lbs. gorilla in the room. It first lumbered into view last season when Marshall tackled Mary to the ground when the bullets started to fly leaving his girlfriend to fend for herself.

Yes, it was easy to justify. Mary was pregnant. Marshall was being chivalrous but the reality was that when life and death were on the line, his first instinct was to protect Mary. Abigail may have rationalized that moment but I highly doubt she's forgotten it.

And as Marshall left her standing alone at their own party to run to Mary's side once again, you could see her heart was breaking even as she told him everything was fine. The girl would be a fool to marry him with this giant, unspoken chasm between them because it will only get worse.

When the worst happened and the reality of her father's death came crashing down on her, it was Marshall who was there to hold Mary together, hold her up. 

As much as it hurts me to say it, there's only one episode left on In Plain Sight. Where do you think Mary's story will end?


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It's October, months after the show ended, and I still watch my Amazon seasons of In Plain Sight. The wonderful dynamic between all these characters is not seen often, and I still miss Mary & Marshall. After losing In Plain Sight, without White Collar and Grey's Anatomy, I wouldn't have any favorite shows, so I guess I have those until they run their course. I get that Mary McCormack wanted to move on with her career, I am just sad when something is so good is gone forever. It's saying something when I am still thinking about my favorite show six months after it ended. So long gang, it was a great ride!


Great show just a shame they cast a 2nd rate actress with 3 facial expressions & a guy who insists on speaking with his lips closed . If only they'd cast quality actors a great show could've been fantastic .


I'm left wondering if there will be made-for-TV movies after she told Marshall not to say "farewell". I know she was saying it in the context of the episode, but was it also a sublte hint?


Does anyone ever wonder why network tv can't put on such fabulous shows as In Plain Sight, Burn Notice, Fairly Legal, Leverage, Suits, Franklin & Bash, Rizzoli & Isles, Necessary Riughness, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs & my favorite, White Collar. Beats Me????


I too will miss this wonderfful show, especially the interaction between Mary & Marshall. Will they get together in the last episode?. I doubt it, Marshall will proclaim his love for Mary & she as well but not in the same way. They are great partners but I really think Mary is too much woman for Marshall to handle in a love relationship with all of her life's past baggage. However it ends they will both ride off into the sunset as BFF. I will really miss this show and all it's characters, Stan, Jinx, Brandi & various others. Glad Stan hooked up. I hope maybe one day it will come back in another time frame. Farewell & Good Luck, Marshall & Mary. Now, will Castle & Beckett get together in season finale?? We shall see on Monday.


i'm kinda freaking out. I love this show esp. b/c it is quirky and possible. It would be so dumb to have a happy ending with Marshall and Mary. I like this show b/c it seems to show the flaws and all. I think it is clear that the 2 love each other but not in the same way. Mary is Marshall's work wife but that is all and he realizes that is all it will ever be. Even though he loves Abigal it doesn't make it any less painful for him when he is with Mary. I suspect the FBI guy gets Mary fired or relocated or something like that to end the series. I wish it wouldn't end. I actually cried during this last episode when Dad died.


I think someone said she gonna start on another show and it was starting early than 13 weeks.


Marshall is going to tell Mary he loves her and that he will do anything for her. But he is either stays single or gets to get together with Abigail. Because as much I want Mary and Marshall together it Just does not happen and that sucks!
They should have started getting them close earlier last year. I'm not happy


I'm not a fan of Mary and Marshall together. Partners, best friends, yes. I know Marshall has loved Mary, but I don't really see it from Mary. Not the kind of love that has a marriage until death do them part. I think Abigail is better for Marshall, but that does not seem the way they are going to go. I'm glad Brandi makes an appearance in the finale if that is true, she should be. I was glad to see Jinx. I'm not totally sure how they are going to end this. No matter what way they have chosen, I'm saddened by the end of the series. The characters and the actors who portrayed them were excellent.


I hats that this show is ending. I'be both dreaded and eagerly awaited each episode and now its almost done. It's almost done... I loved this episode. I loved the closure with her father. I do miss brandi being more relevant. The tension between Mary and the feds has me thinking she may be the one getting the boot from the offices. I'm not a fan of Abigail. Not because I'm a m&m shipper but because she's inexplicably annoying. It doesn't matter who comes into the picture. Every woman will be secondary to Mary. Its the nature of most law enforcement partnerships with that type of longevity. Their bond is so strong that it will always get in the way of thee relationships.

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