Moran Atias Lands Key White Collar Role

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Diana is one lucky lady.

White Collar has cast the role of this character's serious girlfriend, a woman who has been referred to often, but will appear for the first time on season three. In the form of beautiful actress Moran Atias.

Moran Atias pic

The CSI: NY and Rules of Engagement guest star will debut on the third episode of this summer.

She'll take on the role of a cardiologist who brings out Diana’s more jovial side. Moreover, her connection to the pharmaceutical world will prove helpful to the FBI.


@Matthew Markovish: I don't think you get that she's actually Diana Barrigan's life partner, not Neal's new love interest. There are already two beautiful ladies the show has already presented as viable options. Sad you're NOT watching!


then why comment killing Kate was the right thing to do


I am not a fan, couldn't really get into it but I tried. Then I saw they killed off Kate; so now they want to replace her as a love interest? That is so stupid! Glad I don't watch it.


Talk about sexy lezy duo!!!!. She suppose to be in the next James Bond too. To continue...

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