New Gossip Girl Promo: In (Ford) Focus

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Gossip Girl returns April 18, and this promo has some scenes we haven't seen before.

On that night, we'll see the aftermath of the big Dan and Blair kiss, find out more about Raina's family and meet new Serena's family members. Exciting!

Check out the Ford Focus ad / Gossip Girl promo below. Gotta love product placement.

As long as it helps promote "The Kids Stay in the Picture," we can tolerate it. Enjoy ...

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i want DAIR!!!
i was never really a chair fan and i really started like both blair and dan more when they started spending time together.
even if they dont work out i hope they still remain friends and still have screentime together!!!
plus i want serenate too!!!


WHat happened to serenate!?!?!?! :( they were so cute and the way they look at each other just melts my heart


Blake sounded so arrogant in her interview with wondercon about her movie green lantern.she said"they saw a drug addicted single boston mother in the town and they wanted me for green lantern.that's the kind of story i want to tell".
Pls blake and still you are no half of the actress leighton is.


Have you read Josh Schwartz twitter? They asked CHAIR fans to give his twitt account back, he promised ChuckandBlair fans made their point and I believe in him: Chair will be back! Dan is cute, smart and all te whatever but he's not hot, sexy, captivating as Chuck is, plus Chuck when is playing romantic is amazing! I can't wait to see Chuck and Blair back, they are the reason why I see GG.
Chair forever!


I've always loved Chuck and Blair. I agree chair was stale in season 3 but I think it was because of Chuck and Bass Industries; he was all work and no play and nobody's sexy or feeling sexy when they're stressed. I wish Chuck stops working there. He needs to break all ties from his father. I liked Dan with Blair for awhile but Dan just doesn't care. He has zero passion. Now if he develops passion then I'll be patient and sees where it goes. Until then I don't think they're compatible. Blair will become bored. She's already inventing drama. I have faith in Chuck.


No more Chair! I know that pairing still have a fan base of girls who are gluttons for punishment. But a lot of other GG fans love the witty dialogue, freshness and fun of Dan and Blair.
Chair is purely a nostalgia issue. We'll always have season 1 and 2. lets move on to something that feels right- now.
Chair in season 3 were the most boring TV couple ever to have been written. They only work when they chase each other but even that has lost its appeal and I don't care for them anymore.
Dan and Blair have crazy chemistry and the writers could take this to explosive levels if they want.
I really hope it lasts!


Seriously,the wait is too long..i wanna say leighton meester is an amazing actress.isn't obvious how much she has carried the season.every character she's with just gets interesting..even penn said his dialogue benefited from the pairing..just see him go back to his serena,he's gonna be a yawn...can't wait for chuck and blair reunion...


YEIIII! Chair is back!!!
Thanks GG writers for listen Chuck&Blair fans :)


Looking foward to it,haven't said those words in a while and all thanks to Dair so I'll enjoy whatever time they'll have I don't trust the writers one bit.They would mess up the best thing to happen to this show in awhile.

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