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Last night's episode was one for the 'shippers, and one fans have waited the entire season for, as our Nikita review discusses in detail. "Covenants" really delivered.

Next Thursday, Owen returns with info on one of Percy’s black boxes. As Nikita returns to London with him to retrieve it, she notices that Owen is acting strangely.

Owen later turns on her over the contents of the black box.

Meanwhile, Percy finds out Nikita is in London and dispenses Michael to kill her, and Amanda overhears Jaden arguing with Alex about the escape tunnels, so she hooks Alex up to a lie detector to find out the truth. Here's a promo for "Into the Dark":

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At first I liked Owen and Nikita, but in the end, it will always be Mikita.


Is it me or did Owen get some tats since we last saw him?


The song that was playing at the end of episode where Mikita was kissing is called "Cosmic Love" by Florence and The Machine


What is the song near the end, where michael is kissing nikita? On thursdays show?


OMG if it's spinning so fast & getting hotter ^_^....
but however, it's also nice that for once all the unwritten rules of this kind of shows seems "changed", perhaps it won't harm the overall project: it could become more interesting to see what's in store for the future


Wow! Nikita will have her hands full getting Owen and Michael to not tear each other apart.


I love the show, but I think they are movin' on to fast! they are spining forward a lot! It isn't the end of season 1 and Micheal and Nikita are together the Alex mstery is resolved, without any Alex/Michael one on one! So they won't last long! But either way I'm looking forward to this ep! !


I see a Michael/Owen fight!!!! Michael will kick Owen's ass!!!
Shirtless Michael!!!!! Can't wait!!!!! :P

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Nikita Quotes

Nice. Awkward. Girls like awkward. Makes them feel special.


Percy: At least one good thing came out of this: now you know who your real friends are.

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