Save the Date: Calzona to Wed May 5 on Grey's Anatomy!

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Wedding bells will be ringing in Seattle this spring.

Following a heartbreaking, emotional Grey's Anatomy musical episode, Callie and Arizona will get married in an outdoor ceremony in the May 5 episode.

According to TV Guide, Calzona's wedding will be officiated by none other than Dr. Miranda Bailey. Chandra Wilson also serves as the episode's director.

The show is off until April 28, when four new episodes air to close out the seventh season. In the second of those four, these two will tie the knot ...

Hot GA Couple

Callie and Arizona have seen their ups and downs this season, beginning with the planned to move to Africa so that Dr. Robbins could work on her grant.

After Callie expressed doubts about leaving Seattle, Arizona left her behind ... but didn't last long abroad. What a surprise awaited her upon her return.

"I honestly didn't know if they were going to make it through that," Ramirez said of Callie's pregnancy with Mark's baby, which posed a host of problems.

"But I think that through the writing of Arizona's character, who just continues to fight for what she wants, the persistence pays off. At the end of the day, Callie realizes who she is and the life that she's chosen with Arizona is worth fighting for."

As for Arizona quickly coming around to the tri-parenting arrangement?

Jessica Capshaw attributes that to "the love that's there between them."

"Probably the baby did hurry things along a little bit, but the question that Arizona asks Callie about getting married is born, pun intended, out of not knowing what her place is and not feeling legitimate. Because Arizona is the one that saves the baby, I think that legitimizes them more than anything, but who doesn't like a good wedding?"

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes says she was "excited" not just for the characters, but about portraying a same-sex marriage on TV and "dealing with the fact that it's not legal and it's not necessarily recognized by a church or by the state."

"We wanted to deal with that in a way that felt relevant and real, but also allow them a really magical wedding," she says.

"It's incredibly positive," Capshaw adds. "The whole thing that I like about the episode is that it's not politicized. It's about two people falling in love and taking the step that solidifies and legitimizes them in their minds and community."

The episode will be jam-packed, Capshaw continues.

"It takes us from soup to nuts, as far as the wedding goes. Teddy and Arizona have a conversation where she says, 'You're the calmest bride I've ever seen.' It's like, yeah, we go from a makeshift rehearsal dinner to brideapalooza in 42 minutes! There's a lot that happens."

Also appearing in the episode: the families of the two doctors.

Judith Ivey and Denis Arndt come on as Barbara and Col. Robbins, Arizona's folks, while Hector Elizondo returns as Carlos Torres and Gina Gallego will play Callie's mother.

"There has been a lot of family conflict that's come up for Callie," Ramirez says, recalling when Callie's father brought a priest to Seattle Grace to encourage her to date men before agreeing to a truce. "When you look at the bigger picture, I know that there are some folks out there who will really appreciate seeing how all of this develops with the wedding, and seeing how one or two particular characters deal with family members who may not really accept what you're choosing."

Are you excited for the big day? Comment below with your thoughts.

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WOW!! You guys are idiots....nothing better to do, huH?


@Kim- Everything that is written in the bible is interpreted differently to each person that reads it, but doesn't it also say in there to not be self-righteous? I think your casting that first stone. Who left you in charge of judgment on what is to happen to these people, isn't that suppose to be a decision that is not in our hands?? This is just a TV show, it is purely here for entertainment. Nobody is being forced to watch it and to everybody who keeps writing all this self-righteous bull crap needs to stop, this is not the place or time to sell your interpretation of the bible. I don't want to hear it! I come to this site merely to get other perspective on spoilers and direction of storyline, not to be preached at( I can go to church for this). Just enjoy the show and religious-free discussions if you please!!!


@ Allystable Have you been watching the show? Beacuse if you have I think you should pay attention. Because they have not been kissing in every episode of this season as you said. You can count the number of time that Callie and Arizona kiss on this show, wich is not often. The last time they kiss was in episode 17, and it was a kiss that Arizona gave Callie on the cheek, and if I recall that was the same episode that Lexie and Jackson had the steamy make out scene in the laundry room and the make out scene in the living room. Also it was the same episode where Lucy and Alex kiss for the first time. So what you are saying about them being the only couple having intimate scene in practically every episode in this season its not true. The last episode in which they share a real kiss and were intimate was episode 12. The writter gave Callie a SL, just as they gave Cristina the PTSD SL at the beggining of the season. When this happend people werent complaining about being Cristinas Anatomy, like other people had said there are other characters in this show. Glad they going to have a wedding!


I wish all u bible know-it-alls would go take a long cruise on the ark and get lost with it. The world would be a much better place without your overbearing dictatorship on how things should be. Callie and Arizona are made for each other, if u don't like it, don't watch it. Bring on May 5th!


Oh for the love of God, people stop with the Torres Anatomy crap! She got a SL deal with it! When the show was focus on Cristina PTSD or the love triangle with Teddy and Owen the show wasnt call Yangs Anatomy. When it was focused on Izzies cancer SL it wasnt called Stevens Anatomy! Every character in this show get a SL now its Callies turn, you may not like it but other people do! Anyway Im happy that they gonna get marry!


To those who quote the bible. Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal, and I try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other specific Bible laws and how to follow them. a) When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord (Lev. 1:9). The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them? b) I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her? She's 18 and starting University. Must the slave buyer continue to pay for her education by law ? c) I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness (Lev. 15:19-24). The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense. d) Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians? e) I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or should this be a neighborhood improvement project ? f) A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination (Lev. 11:10), it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this? g) Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here? Would contact lenses help ? h) Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die? i) I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves? j) My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? (Lev. 24:10-16). Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14) I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging. Your devoted disciple and adoring fan.


They shouldI change the name to Callie's Anatomy when season 8 returns since Callie's life and Calzona relationship has been the only real things the show is willing to spend time on. I don't want to bash lesbian relationships but constantly seeing 2 women kissing as the only intimate scene in practically every episodes in this season reminds me of the stereotype of TV industry does this to please their straight men audiences. Seriously, we have had enough Callie!! There are so many other relationships going on in the show but altogether they barely meet half of the attentions and time Callie receives from the writers.


Love arizona and callie! The are amazing togheter.


OK!!!! Here's what I think about you people comdamning Callie and AZs relationship. If you was such fine christain folk. Your ass would have stopped watching this show a long time ago. It's ok that Mc Dreamy cheated on his wife with Mer. It was ok that Addison slept with Mc Steamy. It was ok that George screwed his best friend while he was married to Callie. And it is ok that they show and almost nude Cris and Owen slobbering all over one another. That is all JUST FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That doesn't make ya wanna quit watching. Oh but they show a couple of lesbians in a committed relationship kiss and everyone goes the hell off. If your such wonderful christians ya need to quit watching. Cause Shonda Rhimes loves "Calzone" and them or there relationship isn't going any where. And listen...thursday nights episode brought in 7.12 mil viewers. So ya know what? That is a hell of alot more people than come here and bitch there asses off. And ya fine christains quit watching the show and go to church next sunday and repent for watching adultry and a couple of lesbians kiss. Cause watching "Calzone" is going to send ya straight to hell. "WHATEVER"


no defence, to me, I can't feel Gay couple wedding is romatic at all.if Shonda want keeping the 4.5 ratings & 12M viewers,she should limit the CAM story 's screentime. it's not the religion issue or gay people feelings, just for business sake

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