Save the Date: Calzona to Wed May 5 on Grey's Anatomy!

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Wedding bells will be ringing in Seattle this spring.

Following a heartbreaking, emotional Grey's Anatomy musical episode, Callie and Arizona will get married in an outdoor ceremony in the May 5 episode.

According to TV Guide, Calzona's wedding will be officiated by none other than Dr. Miranda Bailey. Chandra Wilson also serves as the episode's director.

The show is off until April 28, when four new episodes air to close out the seventh season. In the second of those four, these two will tie the knot ...

Hot GA Couple

Callie and Arizona have seen their ups and downs this season, beginning with the planned to move to Africa so that Dr. Robbins could work on her grant.

After Callie expressed doubts about leaving Seattle, Arizona left her behind ... but didn't last long abroad. What a surprise awaited her upon her return.

"I honestly didn't know if they were going to make it through that," Ramirez said of Callie's pregnancy with Mark's baby, which posed a host of problems.

"But I think that through the writing of Arizona's character, who just continues to fight for what she wants, the persistence pays off. At the end of the day, Callie realizes who she is and the life that she's chosen with Arizona is worth fighting for."

As for Arizona quickly coming around to the tri-parenting arrangement?

Jessica Capshaw attributes that to "the love that's there between them."

"Probably the baby did hurry things along a little bit, but the question that Arizona asks Callie about getting married is born, pun intended, out of not knowing what her place is and not feeling legitimate. Because Arizona is the one that saves the baby, I think that legitimizes them more than anything, but who doesn't like a good wedding?"

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes says she was "excited" not just for the characters, but about portraying a same-sex marriage on TV and "dealing with the fact that it's not legal and it's not necessarily recognized by a church or by the state."

"We wanted to deal with that in a way that felt relevant and real, but also allow them a really magical wedding," she says.

"It's incredibly positive," Capshaw adds. "The whole thing that I like about the episode is that it's not politicized. It's about two people falling in love and taking the step that solidifies and legitimizes them in their minds and community."

The episode will be jam-packed, Capshaw continues.

"It takes us from soup to nuts, as far as the wedding goes. Teddy and Arizona have a conversation where she says, 'You're the calmest bride I've ever seen.' It's like, yeah, we go from a makeshift rehearsal dinner to brideapalooza in 42 minutes! There's a lot that happens."

Also appearing in the episode: the families of the two doctors.

Judith Ivey and Denis Arndt come on as Barbara and Col. Robbins, Arizona's folks, while Hector Elizondo returns as Carlos Torres and Gina Gallego will play Callie's mother.

"There has been a lot of family conflict that's come up for Callie," Ramirez says, recalling when Callie's father brought a priest to Seattle Grace to encourage her to date men before agreeing to a truce. "When you look at the bigger picture, I know that there are some folks out there who will really appreciate seeing how all of this develops with the wedding, and seeing how one or two particular characters deal with family members who may not really accept what you're choosing."

Are you excited for the big day? Comment below with your thoughts.

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instead of bashing eachother's comments and what they believe, let's just focus on what this post is about. People should be able to post what they want without being bitched at.....I mean, really. Everyone has an opinion....agree with it or not, but don't post hate mail.


TO ALL THE HOMOPHOBES: (I'm Straight btw)
If you have a problem watching the show because of all the "horrible gayness"...STOP WATCHING. you have plenty have hetero couples to watch and if the amazing and best couple on Grey's aka Callie and Arizona bother you, no one is forcing you to watch. You can't impose your religion on someone's harmless form of entertainment. No one gives a fuck what offends you or not because the majority of people happen to enjoy this relationship, including the creator of the show. This is a free country and you can't stop people from enjoying their favorite couple on screen. So go to church and pray to God and don't worry about the rest of us who are going to hell, we don't need your saving. There are some pretty messed up kids that have both a mother and a father so the idea of a child that has 2 moms being messed up is ridiculous. It's 2011 lets move forward and be open minded and accepting of fellow human beings...


All I have to say is I think Shonda has a good idea of what she is doing. If she is neglecting MerDer (obviously) then I trust in her that she will make up for it. I wanted the Callie baby to die...but when I watched last thursdays eppi i realized how much Callie wanted it. She does deserve it with everything she went through with Hahn and George -___- as much as i love merder more than calzona, they are cute together :) just ...if the scenes were a little more even it would be perfect :D I dont think people are more upset about the story lines but more about diffrent characters are not getting as much Screen time as others. Just a thought..


I am a straight woman who is SUPER EXCITED about this wedding!!! Super Excited. I used to attend church - actually was raised catholic - but there are so many churchgoers who walk out of church talking about each other, who are judgmental, who quote scripture to justify their own feelings or opinions (because the Bible is an individuals interpretation - heck, clergy don't even find the same meanings in the passages!) At the end of the day, for me, these two fictional characters, Callie and Arizona, represent pure love and romance. They represent sacrifice and commitment in partnerships. They represent what we all seek in our own lives. I can't wait for May 5th. And as far as someone trying to put out a petition, bring it! Most of the world has changed. Just not you.


I totally agree with @DJ AND @GREYSFANATIC... some of these comments dont make sense @Jo_1 what he/she said didnt MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL but what callie and arizona i hope the law will lets them do it cause like the gay couple on start me up had problems.. I hope that they dont have no problem like they did.. But im so happy for them.


@jo_1 You do realise it's not REAL?! If every surgeon was like Hahn (a colossal bitch) that would be boring. The character was extremely unlikable. If you want to see real surgeons, go watch a documentary. And do you also realise that most troubled children come from father/mother family environments? It does not matter whether children are raised by both sex or of the same sex as long as they are loved and parented correctly. It's homophobes and religious people that gives these children, who are raised in same-sex families, trouble by bullying and damage their psyche. NOT the parents. Perhaps you should think about that.


OK people i understand that this show has done things that other shows are scared to do. But get over it!! It is a SHOW! Don't watch it if it gets in the way of your "morals". .. @LadyLove is it ok for children to see a man and a woman rolling around in bed together? Because if it is you need to check yourself and everyone who is preaching the bible and passing judgement is obviously only reading parts of the bible that suit themselves. @MERDER since you want to send a petition to stop the "gayness" on Grey's because it goes against what you believe, are you also sending pentitions to stop the violence on tv or actual violence that is going on in the world. Because the bible also says to love one another. People need to take the time and think before you let foolish things come out of your mouths.BTW The bible is not a literal representation of how ppl should live. I think the show is going along with the times. And there is nothing wrong with that! You are not going to see them do an amputation with a dull knife and saw so why should they stay in the past with so much anti-homosexual thoughts... my Rambling= DON'T WATCH THE SHOW IF YOU ARE SO UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT... BUT DON'T RUIN IT FOR OTHER PEOPLE YOU CAN'T BE THE TELEVISION NAZI AND DETERMINE WHAT PEOPLE CAN OR CANNOT WATCH...


@Lesbian - Your comments cracked me the F up!!! Well said! Look the bottomline is homophobs exist and unfortunately they watch the show - which is really interesting in itself. Nonetheless people like @jo_1 come on this site CONSTANTLY just to be NEGATIVE. They have no other agenda than to be that...(Yes, I said it!). So - dismiss them, their comments, and their negativity and let's get excited about the WEDDING of the YEAR! (Yeah...I said that, too.) The only thing that bugs me about this wedding is that Mark is walking Callie down the aisle. Throughout the musical episode not once before the showdown between Arizona and Mark did you even see him show any compassion toward her AT ALL. He didn't console her...or ask her if she was OK when she got off the ambulance. IDK - just ain't buying that yet. It would have been better having the Chief walk her down the aisle.


@ jo_1 What's this research showing that children who are not raised by one mother and one father suffer psychological damage you are talking about? Are you referring to the Religious Right here? Because, actual research, with actual scientists, shows the exact opposite. Children who have been raised in a loving home with supportive parents are the ones who excel, regardless of what the orientation of their parents are. And all studies show that having parents of the same sex does not, in fact, negatively impact children or cause any psychological damage. To say they do is just rhetoric coming from the radical right who have a political agenda on mind. The reason two people of the same sex cannot biologically procreate in our particular species (homo sapiens) is due to a particular biologic aspect of our species. Other species have hermaphadites that can procreate with either males or females, depending on which role the other organism in their species has at the time, asexual reproduction, and even parthenogenesis-a process in which a female can self pro-create by herself by turning a haploid gamete into a diploid zygote. But to say that there is some greater reason for the fact that the human species needs to merge the gametes of two different sexes of organisms, other than the mere biological fact of the matter, is all social construction or religious opinion, that is often fueled by phobias and political agendas. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and all variations across cultures worldwide, and what has been shown to be actually important is the love and support a youth has from his or her particular family in order to grow, mature and thrive. I agree that the show is doing a poor job of representing people on the rainbow spectrum but for different reasons. Such as the fact that it is reinforcing negative stereotypes that serve to perpetuate the homophobia that our particular society has.


Really people bringing religion into this and quoting scriptures??? For supper religious people there is a lot of things in Greys that goes against christianity & just watching it would be a sin so really if you believe that strongly about such subjects you wouldn't be watching in the first place. So basically you are a hypocrite. Besides, its called separation of church & state, some people in this country are not christian. Get over it!!
Fyi I am not against region I myself claim a christian religion, but I don't go around pretending to be holier than thou & preachy. I know I'm not a "good Christian" but oh well, we're all sinners anyway, I just try my best to be as good as possible.

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