Save the Date: Calzona to Wed May 5 on Grey's Anatomy!

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Wedding bells will be ringing in Seattle this spring.

Following a heartbreaking, emotional Grey's Anatomy musical episode, Callie and Arizona will get married in an outdoor ceremony in the May 5 episode.

According to TV Guide, Calzona's wedding will be officiated by none other than Dr. Miranda Bailey. Chandra Wilson also serves as the episode's director.

The show is off until April 28, when four new episodes air to close out the seventh season. In the second of those four, these two will tie the knot ...

Hot GA Couple

Callie and Arizona have seen their ups and downs this season, beginning with the planned to move to Africa so that Dr. Robbins could work on her grant.

After Callie expressed doubts about leaving Seattle, Arizona left her behind ... but didn't last long abroad. What a surprise awaited her upon her return.

"I honestly didn't know if they were going to make it through that," Ramirez said of Callie's pregnancy with Mark's baby, which posed a host of problems.

"But I think that through the writing of Arizona's character, who just continues to fight for what she wants, the persistence pays off. At the end of the day, Callie realizes who she is and the life that she's chosen with Arizona is worth fighting for."

As for Arizona quickly coming around to the tri-parenting arrangement?

Jessica Capshaw attributes that to "the love that's there between them."

"Probably the baby did hurry things along a little bit, but the question that Arizona asks Callie about getting married is born, pun intended, out of not knowing what her place is and not feeling legitimate. Because Arizona is the one that saves the baby, I think that legitimizes them more than anything, but who doesn't like a good wedding?"

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes says she was "excited" not just for the characters, but about portraying a same-sex marriage on TV and "dealing with the fact that it's not legal and it's not necessarily recognized by a church or by the state."

"We wanted to deal with that in a way that felt relevant and real, but also allow them a really magical wedding," she says.

"It's incredibly positive," Capshaw adds. "The whole thing that I like about the episode is that it's not politicized. It's about two people falling in love and taking the step that solidifies and legitimizes them in their minds and community."

The episode will be jam-packed, Capshaw continues.

"It takes us from soup to nuts, as far as the wedding goes. Teddy and Arizona have a conversation where she says, 'You're the calmest bride I've ever seen.' It's like, yeah, we go from a makeshift rehearsal dinner to brideapalooza in 42 minutes! There's a lot that happens."

Also appearing in the episode: the families of the two doctors.

Judith Ivey and Denis Arndt come on as Barbara and Col. Robbins, Arizona's folks, while Hector Elizondo returns as Carlos Torres and Gina Gallego will play Callie's mother.

"There has been a lot of family conflict that's come up for Callie," Ramirez says, recalling when Callie's father brought a priest to Seattle Grace to encourage her to date men before agreeing to a truce. "When you look at the bigger picture, I know that there are some folks out there who will really appreciate seeing how all of this develops with the wedding, and seeing how one or two particular characters deal with family members who may not really accept what you're choosing."

Are you excited for the big day? Comment below with your thoughts.

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Anyone who judges anyone who says they are a Christian is full of shit.
Casting the first stone and what not. And whoever else wants to quit watching the show please for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster stop watching it.
(R-amen) And stop whining about the wedding, too. Y'all who want a big white wedding for're fucking retarded. Its so not in character for them, especially Meredith. They're happy, stfu. Izzie is not coming back, Burke is not coming back, George is not coming back. They were the cancer that was killing Grey's, now they're gone. Get over it. All that said, sit back enjoy the show, or GET THE FUCK OUT.


Dear MerDer as a gay person, i only have to say... YOU CAN'T PRAY AWAY GAY! I didn't choose that! I didn't wake up one day and I said, "ok! Let's try something new now!" I tried very hard not to be gay actually... but i'm not into men! what should I do? As Callie said... Jesus--"A new commandment that I give unto you... That you love one another."
Jesus--"he who is without sin among you,Let him cast the first stone."
Jesus is our savior, MerDer,not you...And jesus would be ashamed
of you for judging us!


@MerDer - These are just fictional characters. You are overreacting. Keep it cool.


@merder Realy youre pethetic!! I truely hope that someday you will realize that you are!


This is a fictional t.v. show. let's tone down the hate. I'm not for the homomsexual lifestyle, absolutely against it, and am a Christian, but I do believe that we should love everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. Hate is uncalled for. So, if you don't like what you see on this show, don't watch. However don't put your moral values on others. Express and share your feelings in another way. Use that 'petition" to garner more help for Japan, that would probably be a better use of your time. BTW, my brother is gay


Has anyone ever heard the Biblical account of Sodom and Gommorah? The LORD rained down sulfuric acid from the sky destroying the entire city. WHY? Because the people in the city were wicked....most of them having "sex" with the same sex. This is where the term "Sodomy" comes from. God has spoken very clearly on the subject of homosexuality. Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.
The Lord has spoken about this....more than once! Are you listening? Not only am I going to quit watching the show, but I am also going to get a petition together of people who will not be viewing the May 5th episode and send it to the ABC network. It is time to take a stand.
Matthew 6:24 says "No one can serve two masters. Either he will love one and hate the other or be devoted to one and despise the other."
Jesus Christ is my Master. He should be yours, too.


Look at your nickname pal! Are you serious? I don't see much love in your comment so maybe you should change your name...


@ ladylove Really people like you make me sick! You don't wake up one day and decide I'm gay en I'm gonna make my life more difficult. Youre not the one that gets to judged people. Love is love deal with it!


@ladylove wow their are a lot of things wrong with your post so many im not even going to bother to be specific. dont b so offensive as someone else said greys isnt aimed at kids its aimed at adults who should be mature enough to watch a show without complaining wen 2 women share an on screen kiss heck im 14 and i dont complain also religion is not a big part of the show, the only religious character is callie! calzona are the best couple on this show and thier here to stay so deal with it


@ladylove I can see you don't like it or understand it. But at least have a little bit of respect. This show isn't aimed at children anyway. Besides Calzona sex scenes (if you can even call it that) are completely tamed compared to what Cristina was doing to Owen on the chair during the sunshine song. Heck, most of the time we see Calzona they are either four feet away or are chapparoned by Mark. P.S no one likes to be preached to. If I did I would attend church.

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