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The Big Bang Theory Spoilers: A New Roommate for Sheldon

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A big change is coming to The Big Bang Theory.

On the sitcom's fourth season finale, Sheldon and Leonard will part ways. As teased to Entertainment Weekly by producer Bill Prady: “You have a situation where Priya is staying with her brother, and Leonard is spending time with Pryia. The current sleeping arrangement isn’t the best one. I think a little experimentation with people in different spots [is necessary].”

The Irish Pub Formulation Scene

Who will take over as Sheldon's new roommate? Prady says it will be a human being with whom viewers are familiar:

"One of the things that Sheldon will [learn from] his new roommate - temporary or permanent, we don’t know - is just how long Leonard has been skating by. He’s going to have a terrific experience with this new roommate.”

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Amy Farrah Fowler! That would be awesome!


it is RAJ. although i wanted Penny :(


Rajesh clearly needs a place and Penny can't pay the rent... it could either... I hope it's Penny because it would be so much fun... we all expected Raj, surprise us!


definatelly penny, and who knows maybe something will happen between the two of them that will change sheldon's opinion about love ??? ti woyld be so funny like rachel living with joe, and plus thats the only way keep penny in the highlights, lately she seems a bit lost...


penny! that will be so great!!!


The Leonard and Penny relationship is over. Get used to it people. It's played out. It ended about the same time their real life relationship ended. Priya is here to stay.


Amy, Raj or Penny, in that order of likeliness. They introduced Amy's apartment for the first time in the last episode, so I guess there could be a reason behind that. It would make sense for Raj and Leonard, or Priya and Sheldon to switch apartments. If that would happen, it would probably be Sheldon and Raj in their current apartment - remember Sheldon's discomfort at the 'left-over radiation from luminous clock dials' when he temporarily moved out to keep Penny's secret about not graduating from community college from Leonard?
Penny might be a good choice, however seeing as she only has one bedroom I don't see how that would work out. Unless Penny and Leonard switch, and Priya moves into Penny's old apartment with Leonard.
It can't be Howard, he's engaged so I'm assuming that he and Bernadette will (eventually) move into their own apartment. I REALLY don't see Bernadette functioning well under Howard's mother's roof. A teeny tiny part of me wishes that something weird would happen, and it would end up being Will Wheaton or Barry Kripke. That would be hilarious!


I'm going to have to say Raj. Just because if Leonard is spending so much time with Priya then he and Raj will just switch. I don't like Priya either. I'd like Leonard and Penny back together.


I'd like to see Howard move in with Sheldon. His mother is going to have a fit when she learns of his engagement, to the point where she might kick him out...and Bernadette won't want him living with her until he gets it through his head that she's not a surrogate mother...not that I can see their engagement lasting in the first place. He might not have anyplace else to go.


My gut says Penny, she misses her rent or something happens to her apartment. That would make the comedic sense.

TBBT Quotes

Sheldon: I recently read that during World War Two, Joseph Stalin had a research program to create supersoldiers by having women impregnated by gorillas.
Howard: What a sick use of science.
Raj: Hey, as long as the baby's healthy.
Amy: I wonder if Stalin considered any other animals.
Leonard: Hippos are the deadliest creature. A half-human, half-hippo soldier would be pretty badass.
Howard: Yes, but when they're hungry-hungry, you can stop them with marbles.
Sheldon: Yeah, the correct animal for interspecies supersolider is koala. You would wind up with an army so cute it couldn't be attacked.

As soon as we get home, I want to have coitus with Amy. Okay, she can't hear.