The Music of Rebecca Black: Coming to Glee!

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Britney Spears. Madonna. Lady Gaga. Rebecca Black.

You might say that being covered by Glee is a sign that a musical act has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Some don't want that distinction, but so be it.

In this case, however, you might wonder if Glee is going too far in pursuit of the newest, hottest trend. Although this particular trend has great comedic potential.

Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” the viral, this-must-be-a-joke-wait-it's-serious sensation that has been viewed 100 million times on YouTube, is getting the Glee treatment.

Glee Black

So many PSAs to be written around Rebecca Black a cappella ...

The unlikely "hit" song, which some critics consider among the worst in the history of human civilization, will appear an upcoming Glee episode that centers around the prom.

Going the honors on "Friday" will either be Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet and Mark Salling, or Salling and returning guest star Jonathan Groff (as Jesse St. James).

What do you think? A fun (fun, fun!) move by a fun show, or another sign that Glee has abandoned whatever writing standards it once had in favor of cheap gags?

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Please don't make Kevin sing it, bad enough hearing his beautiful voice sing that crap 'Blame it on the alcohol'.
I thought they'd sunk low enough with the Bieber ep, this is just bad news.
Fine if you want to make fun of the girl but no need to use the 'song', they could have written their own funny song for a character to spoof what Black did or just mention her.
I'm kind of hoping if they must do it give the song to Chord, after the Bieber thing he has no credibility anyway (his character), while the others do.
Glee is going downhill fast and they don't seem to even be aware of it. Sad, this isn't even funny and they are wasting time when they could do a truly awesome song and get some of the fans back that they've recently lost due to the bad writing and crappy songs (I personally won't be happy till Artie/Mercedes do an epic duet).


...this is the stupidest idea ever.


why????????????? it'll be funny if mr. schue sings it.


I look forward to all of the Glee Club clawing each other to pieces to decide which seat to take to sing the song.


Come on guys, this is going to be great!
Yes Rebecca Black is a atrocious singer and the lyrics are a effin' joke BUT
1.Glee kids have great voices
2.The song, no matter how the lyrics suck, is VERY catchy. Glee is use to make covers that are actually better than the originals. I can already tell you that it's going to be better than Black's version (not a big challenge tho haha).


Hahaha, I'm at a loss of words. But I've learned to not take Glee seriously so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.


seriously? so pathetic that glee is going there...

Gaby ee

Mmm I liked it better when the show did older, more classic songs - like in season 1. I just hope the show pulls this off, because I love Glee :)


nuf said...


O.M.G. is alll I have to say, and not in a good sense...-_-

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