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"Petty in Pink" featured some serious spying, scandal and sexiness, as well as a regal courtship for Blair. Our official review breaks the episode down in detail.

For further examination, we turn to one of favorite pieces of Gossip Girl media coverage, N.Y. Magazine's patented reality index. Behold, the weekly +/- scale:

  • Serena requires Charlie’s help to make an Internet search. Plus 2.
  • Serena: “Well, because if Vanessa is lying and it isn’t true, then I’m a horrible friend for believing her. But if it is true, then they’re horrible friends for not telling me.” Plus 10, because that pretty much sums up the whole series.
  • After seeing Blair and Dan at Paul Smith, Charlie correctly guesses that after sneaking around together for months, they’ve decided to attend a big social event together. She’s getting the hang of the Gossip Girl logic already. Plus 1.
  • Blair declines to wear a skirt that says,“Let’s skip dinner and make a sex tape,” for her date with Louis, but nonetheless owns such a skirt, probably from the time she and Chuck played, “I’m Coco and you’re Ice T.” Plus 2.
Playing Dress Up
  • Blair: “They moved the party.” Dan: “Who moves a party?” Has he even been paying attention to this show for the past four seasons? Minus 1.
  • Serena assigns her young, hot cousin to flirt with the ex that she’s clearly still interested in. Because that’s always a good idea. Minus 3.
  • Like Raina would have all her legal documents, like her birth certificate, in a shoebox. She probably wouldn’t even know that stuff existed. Minus 3.
  • That picture Charlie took of Blair and Dan was from less than ten feet away. Surely they would have noticed her? Minus 2, because Dan has already mentally decided to sleep with her, so he should at least be able to recognize her.

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i'm pretty sure blair doesn't own that skirt that she described as skipping dinner and making a sex tape. she was in serena's room(not at lily's loft, but serena's room in blair's house) and borrowing stuff because i remember blair was like "let's go raid serena's closet" and then they left her room.

Kimberly anne

Well for one thing, this episode was soooo much better than last week’s.
I did very much enjoy this one because it was mostly about Blair like it was portrayed in the promo, not like other episodes where it was purely false advertisement (*Dark Night* cough, cough).
This one was very funny to watch and I enjoy it very much. Charlie is annoying just like I predicted. I thought it was a little over the top that she would stalk Dan after Serena brushed her off about him and Blair. Like come on, this was her first time and she’s this obsess? Yeah, right.
I was happy for Lily that she managed to pull a fast one on the other ladies. Her rant to the officers about them having Botox and wears pink dresses was great. But I thought it was kind of stupid that she wore a dress that was meant to be short in the front and long in the back, when she wanted to hid her monitor.
This is kind of out of the blue but when Damien went to Russell in the last episode before the nig break, was that like him getting back at the Van der Woodsen? Did he even stick around to see how that played out?
Anyway, Serena was more arrogant than usual. As much as I love Serena and Blair together, I like them feuding at the same time. I felt like its been a away since these two really interact with each other. So I like that we are focusing on that again. GO BLAIR!!!! Serena should be jealous of Blair. Not only does she have three guys wanting her, but Blair also made fun of her lack of intelligence.
First off I just want to say that I am not a Dair fan at all. I cannot stand Dan and I don’t want them together. I don’t even want them to be friends, but I was expecting to see that kiss at Lily’s house to be better than the way it was actually played. I didn’t liked that we saw it through a phone. And are we ever going to see how their first kiss truly played out?
Ewwww, I hate that Chuck spent this whole episode with the two people who really don’t have anything to do. The whole Bass vs. Thorpes storyline was boring, so lets not continue it with Raina’s mother.
Yay!!! Louis!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. He is so cuuuuttteee. I love him and Blair together. Their kiss at the end was so sweet. Did everyone see stars or was that just me? Hahaha :]
Blair was great as always in this episode. Again she continues to carry the show and does it amazingly.
Next episode looks really good. I wasn’t expecting the proposal to come this early. I thought it would be in the final episode. And I thought there are three episodes left, but I saw it said two in the promo. And I wrong?

Viviana b waldorf bass

That picture Charlie took of Blair and Dan was from less than ten feet away. Surely they would have noticed her? Minus 2, because Dan has already mentally decided to sleep with her, so he should at least be able to recognize her. I totally agree! Plus she took the picture AFTER they had walked away not when Blair was still putting ties on Dan's neck/chest! I totally caught that!


I totally love the Reality Index, but they got it wrong. The blue skirt belongs to Serena, not Blair.


The point about Serena sending Charlie to flirt with Dan is totally true, I also though WTH?! The skirt was Serena's, they got it wrong. Lol to Dan mentally deciding to sleep with Charlie.


That "sex tape" skirt was from Serena's closet. Remember when Blair said that "Serena can be a good friend and let me raid her closet" or something to that effect? I think it should be a plus that the show's staying true to character and have Serena, who might very well have a few sex tapes floating around having that skirt in her closet.


loll @ dorota sizing up the skirt :p


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