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I wish elena wouldn't become a vampire. Her being human puts the thrill to the series. If she becomes vampire, i'm sure the series wouldn't be as good as it was anymore.

What I think is that having Klaus drink Elena's blood to the point of killing her will drain out the vampire blood in Elena's system. In that case, she wouldn't become a vampire anymore. But how would she survive? Elijah's elixr. It was said that it will revive her life if she drank it.

In Damon's case, I don't think he'll die either. Tyler bit him when he's not yet fully tranformed. Or maybe the werewolf bite does harm Damon but it wouldn't kill him.

There's gotta be a way for Damon to survive or else The Vampire Diaries TV series won't sell to people anymore.

And one last thing. Tyler lockwood CAN'T die. :(( He's the only werewolf main character in the movie! They can't rid the series of him. Not Caroline and Bonnie either. They can't leave.

I would be relieved if Matt or Sherrif Forbes will die instead of them. If not Matt or Sheriff Forbes, then I guess it goes down to Jenna or Alaric. But them dying will make me cry a lot. :(


So... First, in the books Elena becomes a vampire very quickly - far before Klaus shows up! So the show has dragged that out, not that they are doing anything remotely similar because Damon was never this pathetic over a teenager in the books. Now I LOVE Damon beyond words but it really annoys me how Elena treats him. In the books she never strung him along, she never pushed him away, she was completely entranced by him and we don't see that in the show. I think Stefan and Elena deserve each other and the writers should change the show to The Damon Show because Stefan and Elena are beyond boring.

I loved that Damon saved Caroline twice :) I think they'd be better together because Caroline knows how to have fun and balances his darkness with her sunshine. I still like Caroline/Tyler but Matt needs to go! I've always really liked Sheriff Forbes but in this episode she was a disappointment. That's her daughter! Damon has been her friend! How can she turn on them like that when they haven't done so to her??


I'm so happy to see Tyler back!


It was a pretty good episode, i gave it a 5 star....cant wait for the next two. I am super excited!!!


TVD's cliffhangers are getting crazier!! I thought this episode was really great. I'm anticipating how Jenna will deal with being turned and how they'll play out Damon's wolf bite. I think it's so interesting that it's Damon because he so first hand everything that a wolf bite did to Rose so it's going to hit him close to home.

Good job with this episode, TVD! And I agree that Ian was once again.. Amazing :)


I think that damon will get to be a mix out of a vampire and a werewolf like klaus so that the chances of killing klaus are better.
and i really didnt see the thing with jenna coming. i thought that katherine had called elena. sry for my english


I have to say that I'm completly shocked at this weeks episode. There were so many twists and turns, my heart was pumping the whole time. Poor, poor, poor Jenna and Damon:( Jenna cause of the whole vampire/dead thing and Damon just because. He's so messed up but at least we're slowly understanding why. He's in love and he doesnt know how to deal with that. I just have one plee though...he can't die! He can't, he can't, he can't! The show would like plumit to an all time low. Hopefully there'll be like some sort of Delena moment over this and the writers might actually throw us fans a REAL bone.

Then there's Matt Caroline and Tyler. I really don't like Matt. He seems like such a drag to the show (even if he is showing some potential) and I just think Caroline and Tyler are cutter.

I pray that next weeks episode will be as awesome as last nights one and possibly save Elena from having to become a vampire? It's to soon for her to change. (Then again the writers DO change the rules..alot) But maybe someone will come to the rescue for Elena? Damon, Bonnie, Alaric, Stefan?


I'm at a loss for words...cried like a baby when Damon showed that he got bit by a werewolf. I hope there is one of those awsome TVD twist that cures Damon and he doesn't die.Aunt Jenna a vampire??? WOW Alaric really has a thing for women that go vamp doesn't he lol???


if damon drinks Klaus blood he should be fine cause he isn't affected by werewolf blood so that way they will healed him and the show will still have their credibility for the writer of TVD. love the fact that elena didn't want to be a vampire love her and stefan defo endgame i miss bonnie and jeremy hopeful der back next week i want tyler and caroline together forget matt that traitor cant wait for next week


ahh really great episode! def a damon fan!

damon getting bit was a shocker to me but
I know he won't die off bc he makes this
show worth watching! maybe he will drink the
exilary and turn human! kinda like the book. (book
sucks) but what would happen to Jenna and Elena!?
Maybe Jenna will die. Hope not I don't like
To see anyone die off. Except that rose chick
She was getting way close to Damon!

now Caroline and Matt. Not a fan. Tyler and Caroline
Perfect!!! loved when they were chained together and that
Cute ass smile Tyler had ahh!

Stephan needs to man up he's to emotional. Yuk!

Where's Jeremy and Bonnie! love them together!!!

Elijah,,I like him so far. And for some odd reason I think
He will fall for Elena weird but possible!

Katherine,,don't want her to be killed off..I rather
Her then Elena! Maybe she will end up with Stephan.
he doesn't deserve both..poor Damon :(

this whole cast is hot! still looking for my own Ian somerhalder!!!!!

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