True Blood Season 4 Teaser: More Blood, More Sex!

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If you like True Blood, then you're going to really like it this summer.

That's what we get out of this new teaser for the fourth season, an "invitation to the set" feature courtesy of creator Alan Ball and several members of the cast.

One key topic of discussion? The impact of witches on Bon Temps.

"They are creating chaos all around," Anna Paquin says, while Stephen Moyer notes that "being able to bring something from the dead to life" is a key theme.

If they can control the dead, they can control the vampires. Crazy. To top it all off, Ryan Kwanten promises "more blood, more sex." If that's even possible ...

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oh my Eric! Love you so much!!!!!


i have already watched all of 3 seasons few days ago! it is so brilliant! Although in our place this TV serial watched unconvenient, but i'm still like it so much! Hoping for season 4!


2 more months! :(((

Leigh r

cannnot wait


How long untill i get to see this on tv in the UK? Something tells me it's next year!!! That can't be right...can it!!??
Looks brilliant so far...i cant wait!!


OMG!!!!!!!!! This season is going to be amazing!!! I cannot wait!


2 more months! I'm so happy! :D

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