Who Will Be The Glee Prom King and Queen?

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We already know Glee will cover the much-lampooned Rebecca Black single "Friday" during its prom-themed episode.

But now a Twitter user named Nicole Crowther has revealed a spoiler far more interesting/controversial regarding the upcoming installment.

Finn at Prom

As part of a Q&A session on that social network, Crowther Tweeted the identities of the show's prom king and queen, a message that evoked the following response from producer Brad Falchuk:

"hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment...Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?"

Crowther proceeded to delete the Tweet and apologize to Falchuk, but the damage has already been done. So, who will receive these honors? Read on to find out.

The spoiler-filled Tweet read: "K is PQ and Ka is PK," which translates to Kurt as the prom queen and, yes, Karofsky as the prom king.

Karofsky has not been featured on the show in months, and I've questioned how the series has portrayed the bullying student as a closeted homosexual. He's expected to announce his sexuality to the world on the Lady Gaga episode by singing "Born This Way."

Can't say I'm too excited to see more of this poorly-portrayed character. How about you?

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i felt so bad for kurt


I really hope it doesn't happen that way with Kurt as queen. I'm afraid there will be so many disappointed people including me. I know there are many elderly people that are watching Glee and they're not overly thrilled with all the gay acts.


Lets talk real life. If the Glee Clubbers really are slushied outcasts and nobody likes them-or even considers them, then why would the school vote a gay guy from the Glee Club as a Queen except to indulge the writers homosexual agenda? And Karofsky doesn't seem to be too popular either except with football brute linemen so to follow another theme of following all the social stereotypes, shouldn't the vote go to the QB-or most popular boy or star...fill in the blank, and head cheerleader/beauty-popular type? Since the cast are at the same time losers (self proclaimed) and the only characters that are ever developed, then the obvious is Quinn and Finn unless some other SENIOR boy and girl pop up to win the vote (but of course that won't happen). Yes, Prom is for the seniors to shine and win, and unless the writers skipped a year, I believe Q&F are Juniors, albeit ageless juniors because every High School fantasy show has to stop the clock for the characters to stay in school. But of course the fantasy is that they will never graduate and the show will have a nice long run with twenty somethings playing teenagers with a fresh addition every once in a while. As long as they continue to make a third of the cast gay, closeted, flaming or confused and even ambiguous they will lose fans because that is becoming more of the agenda than performing good music and having high school life situations-albeit with an edge and non-PC stereotypical abandon. Homophobic is the most overused bias next to racist, except for homophobic means fear of homosexuality. I don't think most of the audience is homophobic, but instead I believe the audience is just consciously ramrodded with it, and is tired of the spectacle being such a huge story line. Really, out of the characters on the show, are we really supposed to believe that 1/3 of the show's characters are gay, leaning, closeted or sexually confused and that is an honest cross section of high school students-and adults because the target audience has been to HS and gets weary of that story line. If the creator of the show wasn't gay and had his own agenda to push acceptance mainstream, I'm not sure we'd have gotten past Kurt having thoughts of it at the school, or Blaine competing against ND's as gay. But to add Santana, Karofsky, the ex-Glee teacher, Sue (closeted so far, but sure to be written in since she is perpetually unlucky in love, except for herself) and of course Cheyenne (the VA coach) trying not to act like it and Brittany fighting her urges to make Santana feel loved, before long almost half the cast will be ...straight.


There are only two couples that have a lengthy relationship and they are: Chang-Chang and Pises. Chang-Chang are breaking up and Santofsky wins prom. Ms. Holly Holiday bites the dust.


You guys are so fucking gullible!!!!! The tweet and Falchuk's reply was just a setup to keep dumb asses like you talking. YOU ARE A BUNCH OF GULLIBLE FOOLS! You probably believe that storks bring babies, too.


Im not a homophob or anything like that but i dont realy like the idea of k and ka as prom K and Q. I thought that it should have been sam and rachel and then quinn goes to the bathroom crying and rachel wants to tell her that she is sorry and stuff like that and then quinn slaps her. I think that would make much more sense. I mean what does Karofsky really got to do with this whole quinn wanting to be prom queen story....not much=/


Maybe my high school is weird...but I thought only seniors were elected prom king/queen. I hate when writers ignore things like that...


omg kurt prom queen no way lol. if he is prom queen blaine has gotta be prom king. grr karofsky nooooooooooooooo. this is still funny though sooo not a homophobe. klaine 4ever


Honestly, I think Ka is the best actor on that show. I know this may be controversial, but to me, I am much more interested in him. He is very complex in his own way. I hated him at first as well, but the actor won me over when he forced the kiss on K. Yes, I was disgusted he would do that, but then I saw his face afterwards. That look of total horror at his actions, but also undeniable need was brilliant. His acting is something to be in awe of, and I look forward to seeing more of him. I know people like KxB but I'm a forever fan of KxKa. Ka always manages to break my heart every time :) Looking forward to the episode!


I don't like Kurt and Jerk-Face being King and Queen but here's my thought on Quinn and Rachel's big fight in the bathroom: Quinn wanted to be queen really bad right? Maybe she didn't get the title because the school thought that Quinn and Finn didn't seem like a real couple-that maybe Finn really still had a thing with Rachel. Therefor that made them lose the crown, (in Quinn's opionion-maybe Sue was behind it all) and Quinn went into the bathroom, crying. Rachel went in after her, trying to explain the situation and defend herself and Quinn snapped. I admit that sometimes I tire of Rachel but in the end I choose Rachel over Quinn. Quinn needs to get over herself and if Quinn slapped ME like that, she'd need to get surgery again when I'm done with her. GO RACHEL!

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