Who Will Be The Glee Prom King and Queen?

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We already know Glee will cover the much-lampooned Rebecca Black single "Friday" during its prom-themed episode.

But now a Twitter user named Nicole Crowther has revealed a spoiler far more interesting/controversial regarding the upcoming installment.

Finn at Prom

As part of a Q&A session on that social network, Crowther Tweeted the identities of the show's prom king and queen, a message that evoked the following response from producer Brad Falchuk:

"hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment...Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?"

Crowther proceeded to delete the Tweet and apologize to Falchuk, but the damage has already been done. So, who will receive these honors? Read on to find out.

The spoiler-filled Tweet read: "K is PQ and Ka is PK," which translates to Kurt as the prom queen and, yes, Karofsky as the prom king.

Karofsky has not been featured on the show in months, and I've questioned how the series has portrayed the bullying student as a closeted homosexual. He's expected to announce his sexuality to the world on the Lady Gaga episode by singing "Born This Way."

Can't say I'm too excited to see more of this poorly-portrayed character. How about you?

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nobody likes this thing, Kurt being prom queen. And I don't think they're gonna represent it as a good thing, I think it's some idiotic plan at McKinley to embarrass Kurt. I don't want that for him :(


Im not a homophope but i really dont like the idea of Kurt being Prom Queen. Cause well he is a dude :D Just cause your gay it doesnt mean you should be classed as a girl :( And Karofsky as Prom King?? Really? Why? I am not liking this at all :S:S


@Moonzii it's not racist because homosexuality isn't a race maybe you mean homophobic...or sexist? but personally I think this is another one of Sue's tricks...I mean who could Kurt win if he didn't even run either the rumor is wrong or someones behind it


who knows Karofsky might surprise us those I hope this whole PQ thing doesn't end up hurting Kurt since he just got back to school (like some curl joke from Sue stuffing the ballot box) but I'm more excited about the rachel quinn show down...hopfuly they argue it out and resolve to be friends


i hate that idea i think it should be finn and rachel as prom K and Q quinn is a bitch mercades dont got a guy even tho i love her santana and brittany would be good but santana wont come out to the school bout her feelins mike n tina rnt tht popular n tina should be with artie sam is cool but he should have some other Gf not in glee him n quinn dont work cz i just hate quinn n shes too nice but wow kutofsky i hate and i mean HATE that idea grrr !! loser is the word 4 the guy who made tht decision


who ever doesnt like blaine and kurt togther(i call them klaine) is stupid. they are the cutest couple ever. and does anyone have any idea why quinn slaps rachel in the prom queen promo. i thought mabey finn dummped her in prom and went back to rachel. but i dont know someone helpme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Its RIDICULOUS!!!!! please, i dont have problems with gays, but you just cant name PQ a man. i wasnt expecting this!! :(


Karofsky and Kurt? Oh my god, never. I don't like "Kurtofsky" (how some fans call 'em). Sorry if you're a "Kurtofsky-fan" or something but I'm against that. Sorry, really. I just can't understand it.


@ MK KEEP UR STUPID OPINION TO URSELF ! Everyone has his own opinion IDIOT !

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