Who Will Be The Glee Prom King and Queen?

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We already know Glee will cover the much-lampooned Rebecca Black single "Friday" during its prom-themed episode.

But now a Twitter user named Nicole Crowther has revealed a spoiler far more interesting/controversial regarding the upcoming installment.

Finn at Prom

As part of a Q&A session on that social network, Crowther Tweeted the identities of the show's prom king and queen, a message that evoked the following response from producer Brad Falchuk:

"hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment...Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?"

Crowther proceeded to delete the Tweet and apologize to Falchuk, but the damage has already been done. So, who will receive these honors? Read on to find out.

The spoiler-filled Tweet read: "K is PQ and Ka is PK," which translates to Kurt as the prom queen and, yes, Karofsky as the prom king.

Karofsky has not been featured on the show in months, and I've questioned how the series has portrayed the bullying student as a closeted homosexual. He's expected to announce his sexuality to the world on the Lady Gaga episode by singing "Born This Way."

Can't say I'm too excited to see more of this poorly-portrayed character. How about you?

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Why is it always about Kurt?! I really hate it when the episodes are all about Kurt and hes gay problems and the bully thing its annoying! no hating on Kurt being gay and stuff cause I really don't have any problem about it but come on!
I hate that he have become PQ.


@Moonzi....racist? you're an idiot.


Well...I don't like Blaine and Kurt, but I'd rather have them than Kurt and Karofsky. That just sounds ridiculous.


I think its kinda racist that they made Kurt prom queen! why wouldn't he be prom king ! and the idea of karofsky as Prom king is just repulsive ! for a guy who is a bully and homophobic to be King is just stupid ! I don't like the idea and it pissed me off !


And why would Kurt be with Karofsky?? Klaine ftw!


Just transfer Blaine to McKingly, make him and Kurt both Prom KING and Santana and Lauren prom queen, not as a couple, but they both deserve to be PQ


Maybe Santana and Kurt as PK and PQ, although it's not very romantic. neither is Kurt and Karofsky so, blecch. How about just letting it be Artie and Brittney.


Are you freaking serious??? COME ON!!! Kurt is gay, that doesn't mean he should be prom QUEEN that is so lame. I am so done with all this gay/homo crap. Seriously build a bridge and get over it! WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!


Apparently I'm the only one who actually love's this idea, yes, it's a bit cliche, but this is glee we are talking about, and i LOVE Max Adler, as long as they don't kill, any screen time he has is good with me, and as for Kurt being Prom Queen, well, he is the best dressed and far more royal-esque then of the other women on the show. But like i said, i do agree, It's extremely cliche and cheesy. I also agree with Cindy S, this may all be a publicity stunt to shake people up, and clearly it's worked.....


I'm not a fan of Kurtcentric stuffs, actually it was fresh in the beginnings but now it seems like Kurt can only be defined by his sexuality.
Anyway, don't anyone think it would be hurtful for a guy to be crowned Prom Queen? Seriously, it's not because kurt is gay that he is a girl...

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