Who Will Be The Glee Prom King and Queen?

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We already know Glee will cover the much-lampooned Rebecca Black single "Friday" during its prom-themed episode.

But now a Twitter user named Nicole Crowther has revealed a spoiler far more interesting/controversial regarding the upcoming installment.

Finn at Prom

As part of a Q&A session on that social network, Crowther Tweeted the identities of the show's prom king and queen, a message that evoked the following response from producer Brad Falchuk:

"hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment...Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?"

Crowther proceeded to delete the Tweet and apologize to Falchuk, but the damage has already been done. So, who will receive these honors? Read on to find out.

The spoiler-filled Tweet read: "K is PQ and Ka is PK," which translates to Kurt as the prom queen and, yes, Karofsky as the prom king.

Karofsky has not been featured on the show in months, and I've questioned how the series has portrayed the bullying student as a closeted homosexual. He's expected to announce his sexuality to the world on the Lady Gaga episode by singing "Born This Way."

Can't say I'm too excited to see more of this poorly-portrayed character. How about you?

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Hannah, I agree Kurt and Lauren as prom king and queen would have been brilliant. Maybe the good thing out of it being leaked is they re-write it? We can only wish.


I think it will be an interesting story line. Its a shame that they chose to make what could have been an inspirational and lovely storyline into a cruel prank on Kurt though :/ Personally I wanted Kurt as King and Lauren as Queen. Now THAT would have been a shock not Rachel and fucking Finn. Im so sick of that couple.


I would love it if Rachel and Finn won but i think it will be Finn and Quinn


I, for one, am getting tired of the Kurt centric story lines. Although Chris is a good actor, Kurt always seems to be 'look at me, i'm gay'. It ALWAYS seems to be mentioned and K/Ka as Prom King/Queen is ridiulous. I'd like to see Rachel and Puck win, now THAT would be unexpected!


I, personally, find Karofsky interesting. But the idea of him and Kurt as PK and PQ is a bit silly. I thought Glee could write better than that. Oh well, I suppose. Even if it is suppose to be a prank, it's not very funny.


Wow, that reminds me so much of Buffy... That bully that always messed with Xander, picked on people. Then Xander had to question him (I think it was the episode with the swim team turning into fish) and the bully thought Xander was telling him he was gay. So he came out as well.


Who exactly is this regular extra on Glee "Nicole Crowther"? I have tried to find one single image of her on the Web and nothing. No facebook account, no pictures, nothing. Why would an actress have NO pictures of herself of the Internet? Very strange- could this all be a giant publicity stunt by the producers of Glee? If anyone finds a legitimate picture of her, please post.


nicole fucking crowther
stupid bitch


C'mon guys chill! i speak english a second language and even with that i understood that "portrayed" was about they might be presenting the character so far, maybe they should start giving some more clear hints about Dave's life story. Even tho the writer should be more careful with the words he chooses, don't you see it, in a good or bad way everyone is paying attention to this character, and if they weren't after reading this they will, thats part of it. Max is a great actor, he manages to handle such an emotional performance in a great way, it shouldn't be easy for anyone that is repressing feelings, o just sexually confused, and he is managing that un a amazing way, he makes us feel sorry, love and hate Karofsky. As i see it, they prom voting would be involved with Sue and one of her twisted plans, in movies almost every time we see these kind of things is meant for the "pretty/evil ones" or as a cruel joke to someone, and from my point of view the ideal conflict they will create is if they give the tittle to Rachel, that will get even more issues with Quinn etc; we all love Kurt but that wouldn't have such a huge deal, more than the part of a turning point for Dave and people teasing Karofsky about it, so the bully will have a taste of how it feels. And c'mon even tho we love it, is a tv show leave something to the imagination, wait a little longer you might get a good surprise.


For the last time, Kurt and Karofsky being voted as prom queen and king is meant to be a cruel prank, and not because of their popularity. And no, they're not changing the storyline.

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