90210 Review: "Women On The Verge"

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Silver found life to be wondrous on "Women On The Verge."

From her orgasmic grilled cheese to her delusional conviction that she had gotten into NYU, life couldn't have been better. Until it wasn't.

Max and Naomi Picture

Well, what can you expect when someone's messed with your meds and you're basically just winging it? Poor Silver. Plunged into a world of darkness and despair when she found out she wasn't accepted into NYU, she decided hunkering down under the covers and withdrawing from life was the best solution.

Navid tried to help her out of her funk and got his head promptly bitten off when he dared to ask Silver if she'd been taking her meds. Yes, Navid, she's been taking her meds. The wrong ones. Thanks Adrianna!

Navid sought Dixon's help in getting Silver the medical attention she so obviously needed and Dixon managed to drag Silver out of the house. But not for a bite as promised but to the Los Angeles Memorial Hospital Psychiatric Wing. I can understand Silver's moods swinging from one extreme to the other having concerned her friends, but wasn't that a bit extreme? I'm surprised she wasn't strapped into a straitjacket and tied up in restraints.

And who showed up to console faithful Navid by plying him with booze all the while acting like Florence Nightingale in wolf's clothing?  Why sweet, sweet Adrianna.  What's a friend to do in a time of need except lend her support, right?

Naomi and Max were still going hot and heavy.

Naomi got her wish and managed to get into CU. Max got into MIT. Uh-oh. Apparently Naomi had no clue Boston was 3000 miles away. Naomi played it cool but was concerned about being involved in a long-distance relationship. Especially when it appeared to Naomi that Max was more interested in playing Black Ops with his buddies than in dressing like Don Draper and accompanying her to a '60s movie screening.

Max soon realized that Naomi was really into him. When he found her application to Boston University he knew he had to step it up. And step it up he did. Surprising Naomi by showing up at the Observatory looking quite dashing, Max further blew Naomi's mind by telling her he'd decided to attend CalTech instead. True love. Does this mean our sweet nerd will be a permanent fixture next season?

Annie was walking on eggshells around Marla unable to ask her about her suicidal intentions. When she finally found the nerve to ask Marla, Marla revealed to Annie that she had Alzheimer's and had just been doing "research" on leaving this world.  Understandable given the fact that it's such an insidious disease.

But Annie wouldn't hear of it. Marla needed to grasp life once again and stop hiding. She convinced Marla to go to a screening of "Penny Foolish", one of Marla's old movies being shown at the Griffith Observatory. And the '60s themed night turned out to be spectacular.

Personally, I loved the gang decked out in '60s garb. Naomi totally rocked it. And the movie within a movie thing played out perfectly. Pleasantly surprised that she still had reams of fans, Marla reveled in the attention and loved Annie for having given her such a wonderful night. And yet the minute Marla gave Annie her precious pendant, I knew how this story would end. Sure enough, Annie walked in the next day to see Marla's thank-you send off. Sad and bittersweet to say the least. 

Teddy and Marco may have had a rocky start but I like the way their story played out. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks is way more interesting than another "he-done-me-wrong" plot. Marco was acting hinky every time Teddy asked him out on a date. Thinking that Marco was up to no good, Teddy got suspicious and started to think he couldn't trust him. Teddy soon found out Marco wasn't ducking him because he was cheating on him. He was ducking him because he was poor.

But it was Teddy who actually set Marco straight by telling him that being poor and from East LA was nothing to be ashamed of. Putting yourself through school is admirable; lying is not. Lesson learned. Can't wait to see what's in store for this hot couple.

And finally the grownups were back this week. And I immediately remembered why I hadn't missed them. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Making a surprise appearance, Jen managed to jet back from wherever she had jetted off to to reclaim her role as mother to little Jacques. That didn't sit too well with Ryan. Especially when Jen thought it hilarious he was "dating the help" aka Debbie. Debbie took no offense at the dig and thought Ryan should try to get along with Jen for the baby's sake.

Jen's always good for a laugh. Bless her heart but she takes bitchiness to a whole new level. Claiming that she had spent time in therapy and that she had changed, Jen said she felt like a failure at parenting compared to Ryan. She also wanted to take Jacques back to Paris with her which Ryan put the kibosh on.

And then somehow it became a threesome with Jen, Ryan and Debbie deciding to all live together and raise the baby as a village. What? If it'll end this yawn-inducing storyline, have at it.

Only two more episodes left. Get those caps and gowns ready!


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At the moment, Adrianna kind of reminds me of Rose on Two and a Half Men.


PEOPLE!!! Dont worry everyone will find out what Ade did and she will be outcasted! but with this she will want to commit suicide.... in the season finale Adrianna is goingto contemplate if she should jump off a cliff and end her life. its true, google: adrianna 90210 suicide


whereeee the hell are the scenes with annie/liam?!
come on 1 kiss sometimes?! look at naomi/max they are cute and have (a lot of) nice scenes. annie/liam get nothing, thats not fair


Oh and I absolutely adore Max and Naomi. I'm not too bothered by Max switching schools. Cal Tech has a great science program. MIT and Cal Tech are 2 of the best schools in the world. He chose education and his woman. Gotta respect that he's going for both.


Loved this episode!!!! I thought Marla was great and I hate to see her go :( Still loving Annie and Liam but they need to spice them up a little bit. I'm totally hating Ade!!!! I know what Siver and Navid did was wrong but she needs to look at her own actions. They didn't just hook up. Ade became a self-absorbed B!tch and didn't care what Navid or anybody else was going through. And what she's doing now is unforgivable. There is no possible excuse for switching her meds. The writers have ruined her character. Can't wait til she gets the smackdown she deserves. I'm probably in the minority but I like Nilver. I want to see where they could go. But I also have a soft spot for Nixon. Lastly, I love Raj and Ivy together but them appearing in the episode with like 2 lines was a little weird. Hopefully we get more Ravy goodness next week.


I loved Max/naomi they're a great couple
And wow I realized how much I miss Silver/Dixon together, I never be into Silver/Navid! Now I want Silver/Dixon! Navid can have Adrianna they deserve each other.
I need Liam as a bad boy ASAP because he start to be boring even if I like Lannie, Liam right now is blah...
Give Dixon a storyline or get back w/ Silver.
I like Marco I think he's cute.


Umm, guys, Max's decision to go to a different school IS very cute and sweet, but as a friend of a Caltech student, I just want to point out that it's not like Max is completely giving up EVERYTHING by not going to MIT. Caltech is not as well-known as MIT is for the general public, but it is just as good as, and in some cases, better ranked than, MIT is, and it's a terrific school for research and academics. :) But anyway, back to what I was actually going to say -- OMG WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ADRIANNA?!


I love Naomi and Max together! Best couple of the show :) And people better find out what Adrianna did to Silver!! I don't really know how people can find out it was her who did that to Silver but the truth has to come out. No one should be able to get away with something like that. I don't know if there's something mentally wrong with Adrianna as well but I'm assuming that with her recent behavior, there is. She should be checked in to the psychiatric ward as well!


Am i the only one who laughed when Naomi was looking through the telescope and said "that's Boston".. Max's face was like *huh?* XD


somethings happened to adrianna, she wouldnt just be doing this over a boy :/

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Annie: It's a thriller, right?
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