Andrea to Play Key Role on The Walking Dead

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There's a lot more gore to come on season two of The Walking Dead.

But that's not all, teases creator Robert Kirkman. He also tells TV Guide that viewers should look forward to a lot more Andrea.

Andrea on The Walking Dead

"Andrea very much wanted to die in the CDC, so we're going to be dealing with that," Kirkman said, adding Dale's love interest will be channeling her pain into a desire to be a protector of the group. "She'll be learning some guns, and she might not quite get to a certain level, but we are definitely going to be going down that road."

No return date for The Walking Dead has been set yet.

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Uhh,guys, I don't think it has to do with an obsession over the "actress". Andrea is super important in the graphic novel, and it's because she's an intricate, deep character. Even if that character's storyline hasn't reached its peak yet, a good director will always be watchful and passionate about him/her because they will be instrumental to the piece as a whole. On another note: seriously? SERIOUSLY? There are NO other strong female characters in the show, and you think heavily developing the ONE strong female character from the graphic novel itself is a bad idea? Right now it just seems like you're dressing up sexism in a different package.


Agree with insider1. Hate it when showrunners (creator, producer, director, etc) become so enamored of an actor (almost always female) because they have the power to place too much focus on that character. It happened with Olivia Wilde as Thirteen on House. Sad when someone has a crush and then let it overrule their judgment about the show.


am back again bt WTH is Walkin dead,nobody knows that kind of a show.or maybe princess D will tel me wat dis show is all about. Tata princess D.its me d Kenyan-Nairobi fellow,D African...


Darabont is obsessed with the actress. All he would talk about first season was Andrea, even though she is far from the most important/intriguing characters. If he could have reinvented the graphic novel (which he never stopped trying to do) it would have been all about that character. Just another one of those awkward, inappropriate male executive producer to female actress relationships.


Im glad they're going forward with the same comic book storylines.

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