Blake Lively: Don't Call Me Serena!

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Blake Lively insists that she is nothing like her Gossip Girl character, Serena van der Woodsen ... well, save for all the eye-opening fashion and NYC jet-setting.

The 23-year-old still says the two are primarily opposites.

“I wear pretty clothes and I live in New York so people automatically think I’m very similar to her; they see her talk and interact in their homes once a week and they probably assume that this is who I am, but it’s not me,” she said.

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Unlike party girl Serena, Blake is more family-orientated and feels her responsibility is to be a good role model for her young fans ... imagine that!

“I was raised in a very rounded family from the South and was never much of a party girl, and if I were I would think of the obligations that I have to young girls, because I feel there are not too many great role models, although some are now emerging,” she said.

“In the last few years the paparazzi have played out the lives of these girls for everyone to see; so many people make mistakes at that age it all takes place in front of the camera.”

However, the Green Lantern beauty does understand why people are so interested in her personal life after watching her on their screens for years.

“It makes sense to draw parallels between the show and what goes on in my real life,” she said. “Being in the tabloids no doubt keeps our ratings high, and if we don’t like it, I’m sure the [Gossip Girl] producers don’t mind.”

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Sounds very funny and hollow now that the nude photos have come out~!


hmm...she sure SOUNDS like serena to me. and she definitly dresses like her: LEGS OR BOOBS. there's a reason go fug yoursel calls her Boobs Legsly


So Blake is kool but since she's a role mdel she should tell the truth...her tits are silicone. Not a problem for me, but then again I admit to having them augmented. BTW, give Meester fake tat ta's and a fake tan and she's much hotter


Lol she dates Dan Humphrey in real life and then expects people to not confuse her with Serena...:P


@Lauren: And that is a bad role model?! She is free of supporting whomever political candidate she chooses, in the same free you are free of supporting whomever you choose, and that doesn't make her a bad role model. Or isn't the USA the country of freedom? If anything, her support of a political candidate shows that she as a politically engaged young woman in a country were an important part of youth is not interested in politics, judging by the traditionally low percentage of voters, which also happens among young voters. In the same way you have done, I could easily go around judging those who support Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, but there are appropiate places to have those discussions and more importantly, if a person is going to make such judgments about another human being merely based on something as that person political preferences then the person should explain how the other person political preferences are offensive, not correct or contradictories to his/her own political views. One thing is that we discuss if we are pro CB, DB, DS, SN, DV, NV, NJ, NB, etc., these are fictional characters after all and this is not something that is going to affect anybody in real life, and another thing is to project our political views over real life people who are as free as us to have their own choices and opinions.


I'm really glad Blake made this statement, cause she really seems like a great person, whose nothing like Serena. And I'm sick and tired of so many GG fans calling her a slut and stupid.


Good role model?! In 08 she was in a campaign ad for Obama, that puts her firmly in bad role model territory!


She has some naive comments, but it's true she's nothing like Serena. There are no scandals she's involved in. No drugs, no police disturbings, no beating boyfriends and speaking about that, she's pretty demure about them too. It's true her choice of clothes is slutty though, but if that's all tabloids ever wrote about celebreties, then starlets wouldn't be looked at so awfully as they are now.


Keep our ratings high? The ratings are horrible! This season is definetly Gossip Girl's last.


"Being in the tabloids no doubt keeps our ratings high"
oh are just like serena....


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