Blue Bloods Review: Jamie Comes Clean

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Finally.  I've been waiting all season for Jamie to confide in his family about the Blue Templar. I always thought he'd go to his Dad with it so when he brought the information to Danny instead I was both happy and surprised.

"Cellar Boy" started off with the murder of the Reagan's family friends. The Clearys sounded like the unhappy family on the block that everyone else gossiped about.

The Dad was a pillar of the community but a bastard at home, calling Ronnie, his mentally ill son "Cellar Boy" while Mom looked the other way. Talk about dysfunctional.

Danny and Jamie Picture

At least Ronnie could blame his bipolar disorder and his drug use for his issues.

But Al and Anne, the supposedly sane siblings, stabbed Mom and Dad to death and then set up their brother to take the fall. All because their parents were spending too much of what the kids deemed to be their inheritance. That's seriously cold.

Frank and the Mayor continued to dance around one another as each vied for their own piece of control. Frank wasn't about to let his department get cut and put his city at risk.

The Mayor certainly didn't believe that Frank had nothing to do with that article in the paper. For the moment they're at a standoff but eventually something has to give. 

Detective Malevsky was back and issuing veiled threats against Jamie. Did anyone else feel the need to take a shower after his brief but effective scene? I'm still amazed how well Michael T. Weiss plays sleazy.

When Jamie's gun went missing from his police locker, Internal Affairs put him on notice, and then his brakes went out on his car, he finally determined that he may be in over his head. For such a smart guy it certainly took him long enough to come to that conclusion.

I have to point out that in reality Jamie's car never would have gotten up to those speeds on New York city streets. Plus the impact of hitting that divider should have left him hurting far worse than he was, but this is TV so perhaps I have to give those details a pass.

Thank God Jamie finally decided to let somebody in on what was going on before he ended up being the next dead body vaguely connected to the Blue Templar investigation. I don't know how the Reagan family could survive losing another son.

I'd love to know what Joe found out and what Gonzalves knew that got her killed almost two years later.  What the heck was going on in the Warrant Squad?

This season has built up so many questions. With the finale a week away, I can only hope Blue Bloods finally gives us some answers.


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They need to resolve the birth order issue. Joe could not have been the oldest as he was born in 1977, (on the tombstone in the last episode which would make only 34 if he was still alive. Erin has a 14 year old, so if she was younger than Joe; even by a year, she would have had Nikki when she was 19 which is doubtful. Also, Danny has been married for 15 years per dialogue with Linda so if he was 33, he would have been married at 18; again doubtful due to the references of him being a party guy before he was married. It would seem logical that Joe was the third child.


Jamie is the baby of the family by many years. I don't know where Joe fits in the birth order, but I think he was the oldest. I think Jamie's whole character is far too subdued. He's secretive and way too calm compared to Danny who's over the top dramatic.


Jamie would have been hurt in that crash. It was silly to just have him walk out of it without a scratch. I'm OK with him going to Danny. At least he went to someone. I can't wait for the finale.


The show is formula. Something happens, Selleck speaks quietly but with purpose, The Grandad talks about "his day". Wahlberg gets angry about it and is assigned the case, ANY case. Moynahan cautions restraint. They have dinner. Wahlberg roughs up the suspect and cracks the case. Selleck says he's not political. The whole family talks about how good it is to have a cop family. There's no good and bad here. It's formula.


Well, I'm got my wish...Michael Weiss came back and should appear in next week's episode..YEAH!!! He is fun to watch and a wonderful character actor. I have definitely missed him from primetime. Okay, let me say this is currently one of my favorite shows on television, but the last couple of weeks they have had a continuity problem. Last week it was about birth order, did Joe come first or did Jamie? This week it was the car wreck, not only did Jamie not appear to be injured, after meeting up with Danny, nothing is said about a wreck that obviously happened the night before and damaged their dead brother's car?!?! Really? Did I miss something? Anyway...I understand Jaimie going to Danny over Frank since Frank is the Commissioner. Better to insulate him as much as possible. Next week should be good, as long as they don't rush it like they did this week.


I've waited the entire season for this Blue Templar thing to move forward. Its about time Jamie said something to someone. Looks like Frank finds out next week. Should be good.

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