Who Won Dancing With the Stars? 05/25/2011

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Hines Ward!

The Pittsburgh Steelers wideout has won two Super Bowl rings and was MVP of one of those victories. Now he has a Mirror Ball to add to his trophy case.

If you ask him, the MVP was partner Kym Johnson, who fought through a bad neck injury this month and was "an amazing teacher" all season long.

Ward thanked Kym profusely and thanked the judges "for giving us constructive criticism ... I also want to thank all the fans," said the NFL star.

The Champions!

M-V-P! M-V-P! Hines Ward's Dancing With the Stars triumph wasn't a shock, but either of his fellow Season 12 finalists being in this position wouldn't have been, either.

So there you have it, fans. Hines Ward is your Dancing With the Stars Season 12 winner. Was it what you expected? Do you think he deserved to win?

Kirstie Alley, who finished a strong second along with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, said, "This the most extraordinary adventure I've ever been on in my life."

Disney starlet Chelsea Kane finished third, rising from obscurity to start the year to make the finals and deliver a near-perfect performance on Monday.

Still, neither woman could quite overtake Ward, who proclaimed that DWTS is his Super Bowl this spring. As is his custom, he walked away a winner.

What do you think? Did Hines deserve it?


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My top 3 are pretty much incbethangearle, but here's my order:1. Larry Johnson2. Shaun Alexander3. Ladanian TomlinsonI always go RB in the first round and my top 3 are a no-brainer they are simply a cut above everyone else.4. Clinton Portis workhorse for the Skins who have improved offensively expect 1500 yard season5. Tiki Barber conceivably #4; I always wonder how he does it, but he does could push the 2,000 total yard mark again. He does lose some TD opportunities on the goal line though.6. Edgerrin James no reason to think he won't continue to produce, but he'd be the clear #4 if he was still in Indy.Honorable Mention:Steven Jackson poised for a breakout year now that that clown Martz is gone he had no idea what he had there in Jackson.Rudi Johnson consistent producer on a winning team; does lose some carries to Chris Perry thoughLamont Jordan can run and is a great pass-catcher out of the backfield Oakland is so bad though, he can be gameplanned againstRonnie Brown this could be his breakout year as well will he be able to handle the #1 workload?




chelsea and mark should've won definitely and hines and kym. i loved romeo he shouldve been 2nd or 3rd. i think kirsty should've been out a long time ago, she kinda sucked.


Chelsea & Mark should of won hands down, then Hines, I love Kirsty Alley, but she should of been out of it long time ago, somethings not right there. It was a great season, loved every minute of it, Congrats Hines. Fan Of Dancing with the Stars


I hate Kirstie with a burning passion she is a terrible dancer yeah she put a good effort in but she should have been voted off the second week....chelsea and mark should have won hands down...but it's a popularity contest and people prob just felt bad for Hines cuz he lost the superbowl.


the big point that some people don't understand, Hines was being taught to LEAD where as the women Kirsty and Chelsea were being taught to follow which is easier for most. instructing Hines to LEAD and make it look like he was the one instructing is even harder! with most of the female instructors u can always tell that the female instructor is back leading But with Hines his instructor taught him well!!!!!!!!! that is one big reason that he won

Sue ann

If the winner is supposed to be the one whose improvement over the season is the greatest journey, then I would say that would have been Kirstie Alley. If the winner should be the one who is the most romantic dancer, then I would say, Hines Ward. Chelsea Kane struck me as being a good gymnast, but not such a great dancer. I felt that she deserved third. I would have been pleased with Hines or Kirstie taking first. This was the most even playing field of all the seasons I have watched (about one third of them) I enjoyed it.


Dance for dance, it was Chelsea Kane... But that is not always a dance competition. To bad, but that was a good year in general. Happy summertime all :-)


YEA-YEA! He danced the best out of all of them, he definately deserved to win. chelsea, i think she should've been second place instead of kirstie. but you know, it was up to the voters. Y he got picked is because voters picked him. So, dont go blaming the judges. Personally, I think he did the best. He had been doing good the whole season, so just let him be winner.


Chelsea needed to win!!! Wut the crap this doesnt even make since! Kirsty Alley sucked compared to both Chelsea and Hines!!!! If it was up to me Hines and Kirsty would be gone a long time ago!!! What the crap in my mind Chelsea won!!! P.S. I love you Chelsea! I watched your show... Jonas!!!

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