Dancing With the Stars Semifinals: Winner Take All

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The Dancing With the Stars semifinals featured a couple notching back-to-back perfect scores but trailing by 13 points when all was said and done. Say what?

Introducing the Winner Take All Cha-Cha!

The idea was conceived to reward for DWTS' high-scoring contestants, since the judges' scores only count for part of a couple's overall total each week.

In other words, it was to level the playing field for upstarts Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas, who lag in fan support but bring plenty of talent to the table.

Fair or not, the show's strategy worked.

Mark and Chelsea

This isn't to say that Chelsea didn't nail the routine (or her other two, earning a 30 and a 28), but the 15-point bonus gave Kane and Ballas a total of 73.

The fact that Hines Ward and Kym Johnson were perfect in BOTH their dances Monday yet ended up in a distant second seems a bit unfair, but so it goes.

With three spots in the finals up for grabs, the voters should still send them through, especially after Kym Johnson’s neck injury and incredible return.

In an effort to up her game and take risks, Kym went all out in rehearsal Friday, only to fall on her neck and get crushed by Hines. Johnson was hospitalized.

Three nights later, Kym was out of her brace, doing the Argentine tango and delivering a routine that earned them 30. Technically and emotionally perfect.

Emotional and cathartic, it was amazing to watch the two. Then they went and delivered ANOTHER perfect routine in the salsa for back to back 30s!

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy have been on a roller coaster all season, which certainly applies to her life as a whole. Would this be a high?

Not quite, but it certainly wasn't a low point, either. Kirstie and Maks more than held their own and earned 27s in both waltz and paso doble Monday.

Ralph Macchio’s knee is better, but his dancing was not. He and Karina Smirnoff received a 23 and 25, leaving them at risk on tonight's results show.

The Dancing With the Stars semifinal scoreboard ...

  1. Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane: 73 (30, 28, 15).
  2. Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: 60 (30, 30).
  3. Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 54 (27, 27).
  4. Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff: 48 (25, 23).

Who do you think is going home tonight?


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Winner Takes All was simply a way to rig the competition to get whoever producers wanted in the Finals. That just took all the fun out of the competition for me. Why bother voting when the producers are going to rig the whole thing? They did something similar but not quite as bad as the 15 pt thing when Evan and Nicole were in the finals. As I recall, there was a special surprise dance on that last night where only the judges got to vote (all America's votes were already in). You knew then it was going to be Nicole, and sure enough, before Evan even performed his dance, Len Goodman declared her the winner. But gee, this 15 pt. thing was even more pathetic. You knew who was going to win that dance before a single contestant danced! Of course, it would be Chelsea and Mark because that was what the whole thing was designed for. They were unable to build a fan base (probably because of Mark's behavior) throughout the competition so they threw her a giant-sized bone --15 pts more than anyone else. Statistically, Ralph's fans had no chance to make that up. Ruined the show for me -- no element of surprise, no feeling like your vote counted. It was smarmy.


Shame on the producers! What they did was make a farce of the couples pleading "call/text/vote on line for us andhost saying vote to save your favorite when the producers decided to just control (rig) the voting to ge in who they want anyway! Hang your heads in shame for desteoying a fantastic show and destroying credibility with the public.


Not obvious to ME who "they" want, as I think the judges have been more critical of Chelsea and Mark than their dances have deserved this season. Unless "they" means the producers, not the judges. After all, I doubt the judges came up with the winner-take-all cha-cha. I tuned out right before the cha-cha, but I'm frankly surprised that Chelsea and Mark won that, since I feel that the judges have consistently artificially elevated scores of other contestants to the same or higher level than Chelsea and Mark when their dances have been better nearly every time.


Why even use viewer votes?? If the judges want to pick the winner then just let them....it is obvious who they want!! I don't vote but for those who do vote this is grossly unfair!

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