Ed Westwick Cast in Romeo & Juliet

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Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick will be trading his suits, purple ties and trademark scarf for deathly fights and bloodied swords! Sort of. The actor is the latest to join Carlo Carlie's adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, alongside Hailee Steinfeld and Holly Hunter.

Ed will not be playing the title character, however.

Romeo is still MIA as of this moment. Westwick will, instead, be tackling the role of Juliet's hot-headed cousin Tybalt ... who usually dies about midway through.

Still, some Ed is better than no Ed, are we right?

Westwick in Action

Ed Westwick is really expanding his acting resume of late.

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@love my chair that's a good idea if justin bieber played romeo this movie would get so much recognition ! probably won't happen cause justin can never seem to take a break from singing but a good thought !!! ed deserves lots of recognition for his work :) i'm so gonna go see this film ! lots of people seem to have the idea ed is like chuck ? um hello .. really???????? stop hating on chuck though :) good character !!!!
can't wait to see ed in this movie !!!


I just love ED in this show i look at just to see what he will do next's can't wait for the new parts


My heart melts every time I see this page!! Aaaaahhhh


Ed will make a great Tybalt!! Stoked!! :D :D


Ahh Tybalt! I think Ed will be able to pull the character off very nicely.


lets just hope the whole above a whisper voice is strictly a something he does for chuck.


I am so happy for ED..He deserves being in best movies more than anyone among gg cast..He is very talented..GO ED!! YAYYYYY!


If he's Tybalt, R&J better be DAMN hot!


Sigh. Ed is so cute! He seems like he is a sweetheart in real life.


I'm so happy for Ed! He's getting more movie roles and not just any movie but QUALITY movies!
Maybe Justin Bieber can play Romeo? lol that would make it a booming movie and more people would recognize Ed :)


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