Fox Fall Schedule: Five Shows Canceled, Two Added

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Even before it presents its official 2011-2012 schedule next week, Fox has made it clear there won't be a lot of room on its upcoming calendar. The network committed months ago to new programs The X-Factor and Terra Nova.

Therefore, it didn't come as a major surprise last night when five shows were axed. With apologies to fans of the following, the canceled series are:

  • Human Target
  • Breaking In
  • Traffic Light
  • Lie to Me
  • The Chicago Code
Tim Roth Promo Pic
Jarek Wysocki Picture

Cal Lightman and Jarek Wysocki: Solid characters on unpopular shows.

Fox also picked up a pair of highly-anticipated dramas. They are:

  1. Alcatraz: Produced by J.J. Abrams, starring Jorge Garcia.
  2. The Finder: A Bones spin-off, featuring Geoff Stults as a former military policeman, aired as a back-door pilot last month.

Fox will announce its complete schedule on Monday, May 16.

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This is a fantastic looking site!


Just want to voice how much I miss the series Human Target! It was a great cast and show. Saw one of the main characters on Harry's Law and was just thinking how his talent is so wasted on that show.


I am so disappointed in Fox's choice on canceling Lie To Me. The last episode of Season 3 left so many great beginnings for Season 4. and you cancel it? I think it should be on a fan based vote on what seasons stay and go. Because I am pretty sure that Lie To Me and with the comments I am seeing, Human Target, would be still running. Huge disappointment!!!!! And with the new shows I am seeing. Fox will be losing me as a viewer. We already have Bones so we dont need a spin off. I liked the Lie To Me that was a female/male viewing show. Had the drama, tension, and suspense. Wish they would reconsider and get the good shows back on.


Im missing human target. fox stop being assholes and bring it back!!


FOX has just become a failure. Been looking foward to Human Target since last season. Couldn't wait! Terra Nova is OK but Human Target has a great cast, great storyline and tons of action. Replace with a family living with the dinosuars. Are you serious? Never watching FOX again! Your welcom! Its ALL your fault! BRING BACK HUMAN TARGET!!


FOX TV just plain sucks! We're tired of the tough women programs! The writers don't know how to entertain these days, they instead focus on shock! Shock is wornout now too, all the networks have these type of programs and are failing miserably! Start with a clean slate - fire all the writers and actors, and try again! FOX news has a large following of Conservative folks, try focusing on them!


Human Target was the "BEST" Show on FOX Sorry will not be watching Fox anymore Just Fox News Goodbye !


Canceling Human Target is a real disappointment. We have been following this series and have really enjoyed the cast and story lines. Why don't you cancel those lame shows that are a total waste of money and do nothing but show young people the wrong messages.