Fox Fall Schedule: Five Shows Canceled, Two Added

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Even before it presents its official 2011-2012 schedule next week, Fox has made it clear there won't be a lot of room on its upcoming calendar. The network committed months ago to new programs The X-Factor and Terra Nova.

Therefore, it didn't come as a major surprise last night when five shows were axed. With apologies to fans of the following, the canceled series are:

  • Human Target
  • Breaking In
  • Traffic Light
  • Lie to Me
  • The Chicago Code
Tim Roth Promo Pic
Jarek Wysocki Picture

Cal Lightman and Jarek Wysocki: Solid characters on unpopular shows.

Fox also picked up a pair of highly-anticipated dramas. They are:

  1. Alcatraz: Produced by J.J. Abrams, starring Jorge Garcia.
  2. The Finder: A Bones spin-off, featuring Geoff Stults as a former military policeman, aired as a back-door pilot last month.

Fox will announce its complete schedule on Monday, May 16.

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I can't believe you are canceling Lie to me!!! I love that show!!!!!!!


Sara, you're way too smart for me. Wow!! How did you know that? You must be a Rhodes scholar! You go Sarah!!! Keep the smarts coming please! And for those of you who like "House" I have but one comment. If you find repetitively rude, belligerent, hostile and ignorant behaviour entertaining then I say knock yourself out as "House" will give you that and so much more.


I don't know what the execs at Fox are thinking but they need their heads examined. They are taking "Lie to Me" and "Chicago Code" off which is two of the best shows on there besides "House" and "Bones"; it is ok to add other new shows but leave the ones that people like on the air. You people at Fox says that the ratings for these shows were low, but I think that if you pull these shows off the air, your ratings as a network will drop severely, so please put the shows back on; if not I hope that one of the other networks pick them up.


I would like to think that another network would possibly take up Lie To Me. They have taken on a Bones spin-off, when Bones itself isn't very good, I watch it, but it is about time that Bones became normal, she has been mixing with people for long enough to make it completely unbelievable that she can be as weird as she is.


Sam House does not stay on the air because FOX likes it. You do understand about ratings, right???? You do understand that this is a business and the Fox executives are not just looking for something they personally would like to watch at home that night.' House, even after a drop in ratings this season, still had numbers that if Lie to Me, Human Target, Chicago Code or any of the other cancelled shows were able to generate would have kept them on the network as well. House will end when the ratings no longer support the show, just like all the other shows including those that were cancelled.


I will never watch a show on fox again!! Thank your for cancelling another great show like chicago code!! You never gave it a real test! Goodbye fox!!


What!! Lie to Me canceled??????????????


Not surprised that Fox has its head in the sand...rather than try a new time slot, they cut shows that have an interesting premise, Lie to Me, or which hasn't been given enough time to generate an audience but is well written, Chicago Code. Like most of America, Fox has no patience and wants a quick result. It takes awhile with some shows, but I guess Fox can't risk that so they stick with ones that have even lower ratings like Fringe (not that Fringe is bad, it just doesn't make sense.)


Sam, as a fan of "House", I ask you to respect us, please. This show is amazing and very well written. If you don´t like it, it´s OK, but show some respect.


how can you cancel Lie to Me, you renewed it for 13 eps just for added new shows that probably wont make it.. way to go hero! so BRING BACK LIE TO ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!