Fringe Season Finale Review: Where Do We Go From Here?

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As we knew last week, Peter was propelled 15 years into the future. Honestly, I wasn't all that invested in what I was watching because I didn't have a doubt in my mind that Peter would, in the end, save the day.

The future was interesting, but not awe inspiring.

There was little happening there that I didn't expect. Oh, it was fun knowing Peter and Olivia were married and sad knowing they hadn't had children because Olivia didn't want to bring a child into the world in which they lived (and, rather cliché).

It was cool to see Olivia's niece, Ella, chose the Fringe Division as her career choice, and worked directly for her Aunt Liv. However, the division was something far larger in the future, even having its own hospital.

As our world started using the amber to quell events similar to those on the other side, the would have seen no reason to keep the division top secret much longer.

Also not surprising in "The Day We Died" was Walternate carrying on as if he was somehow the injured party. Walter, spending an unknown amount of time in prison for creating the catastrophic events in our world that caused continually opening wormholes in time, was obviously tried and found guilty of the destruction of our universe.

Walternate went so far as to consider himself some sort of ambassador of peace, having come to our world to negotiate rather than admitting he was the reason the machine was built and engaged.

When Walternate shot Olivia between the eyes, I wasn't concerned. Throughout the episode I was awaiting Peter as our savior. As Peter gave Olivia a Viking funeral and her flaming casket floated out to sea, I wasn't tearing up, I was anticipating what would really happen in the finale.

There is no doubt that this was Josh Jackson's episode. It was his turn to shine, to make a run for an Emmy nomination. While Walter and Walternate has stories just as powerful, it was Peter's future we were seeing, and his thoughts propelled the story.

Thank God he got his chance, because unless there is another viewpoint to this story, we won't be seeing much of Mr. Jackson next season. By the time the show ended, Peter had never existed.

The following are just some of the thoughts (I've barely had time to process the episode, after all) that I will carry with me through summer and into fall as I await the season four premiere.

What purpose did Peter serve? If he never existed, then Walter never crossed universes to save him and never started the crumbling of the other side.

Why would Walternate be angry at him? Do they even know, standing in the room together, why they are mirror images of each other and why they are so angry?

Fauxlivia never had Peter's baby, so the Olivias don't have a reason for animosity, but should find one another fascinating (and wonder why in the hell the Walters are so upset).

Peter mentioned, before he disappeared and was completely forgotten, that he tore holes in both universes so that they could come together in that room to fix their problems. If, as The Observers said, they no longer remember Peter and he never existed, why do they think they are there?

If they leave the building, do they go back into their respective universes? Are their minds wiped clean? Would there be a compelling reason to go back inside?

You see, the deepest question I have is if Peter never existed, then what is there for them to fix? A new reason for crossing universes and destroying one or both must now be revealed. Or, I suppose the show could be about two universes discovering each other in the name of science; some sort of benign anomaly.

Yes, it was quite the twist. The producers were not kidding when they said we would have to look at things completely differently going forward. But whereas "The Last Sam Weiss" blew me away with emotion, cinematography, and intense storytelling, I was a little underwhelmed by the finale.

I don't want Joshua Jackson to leave the show. It's too long until season four. I don't feel a sense of excitement and wonder at what will be, because they've left me with so few facts to actually ponder.

Last week I was an overindulged and excited fangirl. What am I this week?

Am I the rain on your parade? Perhaps the pin prick in your balloon? Tell me what you loved about the episode and how you see season four taking shape. Of, tell me if you are feeling a bit let down and underwhelmed as I am. I want to know your thoughts about the episode. Dig in!


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Peter is gone, but not gone. The two dimensions no longer remember him, but the observers do. So is Peter an observer now or something more, as evidenced by the observers remembering him.... The real question is are the observers Angels, multi-dimensional beings, gods, or something beyond what we can fathom.....


Okay.First,does anyone remember that for one person/object that crosses an equal amount of mass must also be exchanged in the process?Like the car on the statue at Harvard in the first experiment?So,why then was Peter from over there able to cross without an exchange?Even dead Broyles was sent as a replacement for Fauxlivia.So,was this possibly the cause for so much havoc over there?Maybe Peter pulled a "Butterfly Effect"stunt.Either way its just temporary.This path in time was necessary to fix the problem at hand.Peter will be back.That will be the new plot.After all the plot started by trying to save him.On another note...where the HELL is the other Belly and Nina?Three seasons with no signs of their dopplegangers leads me to believe we have much more to look forward to.Peter is lost(or maybe not so lost)in another timeline/alternate timeline if you will...I think we will begin to deal in alternate realities based upon different decisions as well as alternate universes.After all that's all that seperates the two universes is slightly different decisions made...right?Maybe what we are shooting for is a union of universes,sort of like a shared reality.Instead of one over taking the other they come together as a whole...mind,body,consciousness and matter.Or maybe I've done too much LSD.......


For me, it's not like Peter never existed for good...he did exist until that moment, and that was his purpose. But right there, after he left the machine, he began to never exist only for us, humans, what does not exclude the fact that he did have an extremely important role in saving both universes and that he did always exist for the observers.
Walter had always been looking for the other universe with Bell, like someone wrote, so they would find out the other universe one way or another, which would certainly lead to a cross between them sooner or later, causing, then, the wormholes that we see nowadays. I liked the episode a lot, and I can't wait to see how exactly Peter is going to return...and I have to admit, I still didn't quite grasp the "he never existed thing" related to going back to the past...I get that he ceased to exist right there and that he did what he had to do, but why exactly did he never exist if he returned to a moment in time in which he was already born and safe from the disease that killed the original from our universe?


Does anyone know how anything in the finale explains Olivia's commen (when Peter went cartoon and saved her in her consciousness) that the guy Peter stopped was "the guy who is going to kill me"? Or did I dream that?
Also, Peter seemed really happy to have discovered what the machine really does - that it's not destructive.
Is there a connection between the pod that the observers got from Walter a few uears ago, and the machine parts buried in the ground?


This review is rather disapointing as it seems to be based on the fact that the reviewer had a lot of questions that did not get answered. Um...have they ever watched Fringe? Fringe has set up clues and mysteries since day one, many of which lead to answers later. The fact that this episode had more questions as a reason for giving it a seemingly negative review is rather lame. I can watch a show and post a ton of questions on the internet when I don't get things too, but I'm not a supposed reviewer. I like that just like last season, fringe is really pushing itself to beyond its initial x-files clone label, and made some daring moves in this finale, which may only be truly appreciated when next season starts. By the way, I did not feel the whole "peter never existed" line referenced that he never existed at all, I believe it was related to the timeline that was now created. I think that the machine was built once, then altered in this future, which caused the timelines to alter, and universes to merge. In this timeline I think they are claiming that Peter never existed.


I personally loved this episode.When I saw the promo I was a little doubtful about the jumping in the future,but after watching the finale I was left blown away.
The Peter disappearing from existence thing is really unsettling,and makes the summer hiatus seem too long.But I think we should really wait season 4 before we judge it,after all the producers said that Joshsua Jackson will be back next season,so I just can't wait to see what they come up with.


ive just watched this episode and loved it!!! i cant get my head round the whole peter never exsisting either but i cant wait to find out how that will actually pan out in season 4 bring it on is all i can say!!!!


No offense, but the day Josh wins an Emmy will be the DAY WE DIED, universes collapse, and gas goes to $6 a gallon. All about the same on the 'apocalypse now' scale.


Ok, i love the show. Have NEVER been disappointed in the direction... until the last episode. It put me into a 'blah, oh great, they are so clever they lost my interest for the hiatus' mood. Hard to explain but i immediately had this feeling of 'oh come on'. That being said, i will watch of course but at some point the writers are going to be writing to 3923 people. I dont even want to THINK that Peter never existed, and it ruins my 'tv summer' just thinking that he didnt. LIke, why? And all those questions you asked, true. Is the show brilliant? YES. Is it sometimes too clever for its own good? We shall see. Btw, please dont tell anyone, but i am secrretly in love with Anna Torv and each Olivia in her own right. I realize i am not the only one who may be attracted to her but i am the only 59 year old who is married and willing to leave my universe to be with either of them. There! I said it! Anna? Olivia? Am waitingggggg.


Well I am definitely going to watch next season even though I am somewhat depressed over the ending and Peter not existing! I love the characters of Peter, Walter and Olivia, and I do not want to see any of them go. I saw that Joel Wyman says J. Jackson has a contract for Season 4. Like someone said I hope Peter is not just as a memory or something next season. Come on. I can live with it being a dream episode.....I just want Peter to come back. He and Olivia just got together!

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