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Glee Song Spoilers: What's Ahead?

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Glee will go to the movies next week.

The big news to come on the episode "Funeral," of course, is that a death will rock the William McKinley family. Expect the students to react via song, and we can now reveal a trio of the tracks that will be covered by Lea Michele and company. Two were originally written for classic films:

  • "My Man" from Funny Girl (Rachel)
  • "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (Ensemble)
  • "Try A Little Tenderness" (Mercedes)

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Sue's sister dies in this Episode of Glee.


It just came to me but what if suzy pepper really commited suicide on this episode? I know sarah didn't guest star but it would be fun to see that...


The second song's my favourite


I think it's Becky thats going to die. It's been confirmed that it's a beloved female character that will affect the full glee club. They've all had interaction with Becky at some point and it's been confirmed it's NOT Coach Beiste. Also New Directions are singing Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka which could be plausible to sing at Beckys funeral as it could be her favourite film. Although I hope it's not Becky as she's been a great character "Give me some chocolate or I will cut you." but it's the only person I can think of that fits the bill.


From all the hints I think it'll be April or Jean L :'( , but I'm hoping for Holly (Terri would have been better but apparently she's been ruled out).


Let's see who shall die this episode...


Or Jesse (also not female *lol*)!!!


Amber's version of 'Try A Little Tenderness' made me tear up, her voice (and Lea's) are so awesome. Love all these covers.
And to people who seemingly are ignoring the fact it's been confirmed the death will be a female character, IT WON'T BE BLAINE (he is not female and also has been confirmed to be appearing in the third season)!!!


This is a great story -- and I like these old stories. I read long ago that the stage would be dark except for a streetlight and spot on it and Brice would come out in rags to close the Follies each night by singing "My Man." I did some brief searching on the internet for current verification, but my dial up is so slow I soon gave up. What I did find: Fanny appeared in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1921. With Nick's trial imminent, Ziegfeld gave Fanny the song "My Man" to sing. It was an English-language version of "Mon Homme" which was introduced in Paris. The audience empathized with Fanny, and understood that the words of the song mirrored her real-life situation. It's said she never sang the song without closing her eyes and thinking of Nick. and: It was popularized in the English speaking world in the 1920s with the 1921 recording by Ziegfeld Follies singer Fanny Brice. The song was a hit, and the record eventually earned a Grammy Hall of Fame Award for Brice in 1999.

Kimberly ann myers

Omg...what if Jesse dies?

Glee Quotes

We met right here. I took this man's hand and we ran down that hallway. Those of you who know me know I'm not in the habit of taking the hands of people I've never met before, but I think that my soul knew something that my body and my mind didn't know yet. It knew that our hands were meant to hold each other, fearlessly and forever. Which is why it's never really felt like I've been getting to know you. It's always felt like I was remembering you from something. As if in every lifetime that you and I have ever lived we've chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love all over again, over and over, for all eternity. And I just feel so lucky that I found you so soon in this lifetime because all I want to do, all I've ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you. So, Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love, will you marry me?


I just want somebody to love me.