Gossip Girl Caption Contest 155

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Welcome back to the 155th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Katherine. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to LuckyBastarda, Maz8645 and PatchPerkins. The winning entry appears below. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next time!

Jack Bass is Back Baby

Nate: Wait, wait, wait!
Chuck: What, Nathaniel?
Nate: We forgot to invite Dan to the Two And A Half Men recasting!

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What?.....too much?!


Do you guys smell that ?


Do you guys smell that?


I really don't care what you jerks say. Easter is over and blue IS IN...duh.


Chuck: Ok,this is it, you two are out of here... This is my show!! Nate: Whatever Jack: You think so?


Chuck: You listen to me. I've not always been reliable. I've done reckless things. I've treated you all terribly at some point. But I swear on all that is holy, Chalet Girl is not a reflection on my capability as a business man.


Jack: "Dude, you've waited for more than ten years now."
Nate: "Yeah, I think it's time to accept that it's fiction."
Chuck: "I'm gonna get my Hogwarts letter no matter what you say!"


Chuck: "Stop banging all of my leftovers."
Chace Crawford: "I'm not the one to write Nate's storylines."
Jack: "And he's not banging all of them. There's still this Paris chick to go."


Idk if I have to be logged in to have a chance to win this by posting comments, so I'm gonna post my comments again while I'm logged in :P Chuck: "Don't you dare saying this again!"
Jack: "I'm sorry, man. He's right, Elena did kiss Damon."
Nate: "Yeah, why are you a Stelena fan anyway?"


CHUCK : you all may have slept with Blair..but im the one who shes gona end up with!

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