Gossip Girl Caption Contest 157

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Welcome to the 157th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is frantrack. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to MissRooobin, Audreyhep and Brazilian Girl. Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next time!

Love Note From Charlie?

Note to self, make up your mind, you loved Serena 10 minutes ago and Blair five minutes ago, try to not to make any bad decisions with Charlie.

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Dan : Nice, Blair;s throwing a "We won't miss you get the hell out and never come back" surprise party for Vanessa.
Charlie : That's so nice of her! Wait, why a surprise party?
Dan : So Vanessa doesn't show up and we have plausible deniability.


Dan: The letter says "Dear charlie, things are going great at the chocolate factory. We have sent you our newest creations. Signed: Oompa-Loompa general." Charlie: Try the everlasting gobstopper! I've been sucking on this one since I was 12!


Charlie:sooo do you like my picture of us on our wedding day?
Dan:its eh.. its very nice charlie...
charlie:eek i'd i just knew you'd love it!
Dan,thinking to hmself:if it wasnt for candy,i'd be so out of here


Charlie: Look at all this candy! Who is it from?
Dan: Ahh, here is a note, which says "You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of Kimberley Kardashian and Khris Humphries"...What? Why would they send me one?
Charlie: I guess they wanted to invite all the Humphreys...


Dan (reading) : I love you, but I can't tell you who I am. Here is a present coming from all my heart. Your secret admirer.
Charlie : Wow, I really wonder who that can be !! How exciting is it to receive so many candies, right ?!
Dan (returning the letter) : send by Charlie Van Der Hoodsen...
Charlie : oh crap..


Dan: So I followed a trail of bread crumbs to get here...
Charlie: Perfect, Hansel, perfect...


Dan: (reading) Please call me Kate?
Charlie: Look, I even got a blue ring!


dan : this is an invitation to a party celebrating vanessas move to spain ?!
charlie : yay i'm so there


charlie : read the letter out loud dan !
dan : dear dan, hope you enjoy this candy. i rooted it out of a dumpster for you, love your sister jenny ?
charlie : ...


dan : oh i think this was sent to the wrong adress ? it's made out to justin bieber ?!
charlie : well in that case call me selena !

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