Gossip Girl Extended Sneak Peek: "Shattered Bass"

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Below is a two-and-a-half minute sneak preview of this week's Gossip Girl, featuring lots of clips and commentary from producers Joshua Safran and Sara Goodman.

In "Shattered Bass," we can look forward to (or dread) the return of Jack Bass, as well as some familiar Constance faces, since the episode features an alumni event.

In the first half of this two-part season finale (the second half airs May 16), we learn more about Charlie's past and Cyrus and Eleanor throw B an engagement party.

What will become of Dan and Charlie, and of Nate and Raina? Will Jack push troubled nephew Chuck over the edge? Watch the preview and leave a comment below:

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I hate Blair. Why does you always come back to Chuck?


so next episode blair is in danger , chuck goes to rescue her, some comments say that the hotel will be fired and raina will die but maybe thats not true, and after that they just go to a party and dance on chairs like nothing happened ?????
i knew charlie is crazy...
dair seems to be vanished into a thin air , why????
georgina i better be there to help ....
not another boring chair end...


CHAIR all the WAY!!!!! Don't care what they say I still HEART them!!! GO CHAIR!!!!


Charlie is going crazy yo! The whole piano thing is all probably just a sick twisted fantasy of hers.


Ok well compared to the prince and Blair of course I'm gonna root for Chair but they didn't give me Dair :(


DAIR or NAIR please!


@TheYalier I'll drink to that ;)


Took you this long to update this? Anyway...
I look forward to the shattering of Chuck Bass, Blair's engagement party, Cyrus (and his attempt to woo Princess Sophie in Blair's favour), Constance and hopefuly Blair not saving Chuck.




its wierd after everything im still a chair and derena fan!!

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