Gossip Girl Season Finale Clips: Please Let Me Help!

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Everything's coming to a head on Gossip Girl.

No, seriously. When the season finale picks up Monday night, there's so much going on that when the gang convenes at the Constance event, no one can get a word in.

Weaving her way through the many storylines is Georgina Sparks, who makes her first visit to the show since convincing Dan he was Milo's dad way back in September.

How we've missed her - and how she's missed the scheming ways of the Upper East Side. In one snippet from the clip montage below, she begs Serena to include her!

Also a sight for sore eyes? Dan and Nate's friendship. The look on Nate's face when Dan tells him about Charlie is pretty priceless. Watch the producers' preview below:

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when's the review going to be up - would love to see your opionion. Also curious to know what @Observer thought


I was disappointed in Blair this episode. I mean so much for loving her fiance, Louis. Louis is sweet and caring and yes Chuck Saved Blair, actually Blair was smart for dialling him first, but did she really have to have one last fling with Chuck? I mean seriously! I thought she was better than that, I thought she was moving on? She obviously will always love chuck, (god knows why). Chuck should have been the better man and said this isn't right and taken her to her prince. Of course, Louis will find out and she'll fall from grace, again! let's see if chuck will be there to pick her up or will he be off with some other chick like he was for the most part of season 4. As for Blair being pregnant? we don't know it's blair's. I mean just because it's in blair's room, how do we know it's not serena's? or it could be dorota's? or it could be elanora's or charlie planted it there. Guess I'll just have to wait an agonising long time to find out who's pregnant. Really looking forward to the DAIR storyline if there is one next season and give Nate a better storyline already! Also love that Eric got some lines.


the olly way for blair having chuck's baby is if the series is going to be cut in like 13 episodes till december , thats why they are starting in semptember.
as for dair i lost any hope tonight although clearly dan has feelings for her, but we already knew that and i was expecting blair's reaction to his feelings since she started it , in my opinion she was the one who flirted first with him and when dan finally realized his feeling she put him in the friend zone... thats unfair. therefore i don't care if dan becomes the bad guy in the show for writing the book because is the only way for blair to find out how he feels aboyt her and if she responds to it then it will worht it, because its a situation wheather you can take it all or nothing. Besides if everyone hates dan because of the book including blair, thats actually good for him because he can return to his live, his writing, his studies and find someone normal to date and live happily away from the UES , even if he is poor because he won't be receiving any checks from vanessa
Anyway i m just disapointed that dair didn't happen , and although it might happen next season even if the pregnacy is on, i m not going to spend my summer hopping and imaginig a dair story for nothing, it would be a good opotunity to quit the show for good


@missriley They have had there troubles in the past but its not like Blair was a total saint in earlier parts of the series. Due to her own insecurities she would try to put Serena down. Also Serena has also helped Blair out in other occasions such as making Blair stay when she was going to leave the country after being dethrone by Jenny in the first season and risking being seen by Gossip girl by buying a pregnancy test, etc.


With the couple drama aside, am I the only one bothered by Serena's crappy friendness? Last, last week she tried to sabotage Blair's happiness, and last week she gave Blair a crappy apology. This week she's looking for Charlie? Isn't it very out of character for Blair NOT to be there? I mean if Chuck is looking for her, shit is going down. I can't stand and watch her lack of care for Blair, when Blair bails her out EVERYTIME.


yay tonights the season finale! i hope chair is together and for all those people who didnt know the gossip girl season 5 starts in september of this yearr


do you think that blair definitely ends up with chuck because both ed westwick and leighton meester are confirmed as series regulars in the 5th season and if blair married louis wouldn't that mean she would have to go and live overseas and that louis would also become a series regular?


WOW, people. You do know, that you are arguing and insulting because of fictional characters? I mean, Dan and Chuck are not real, so why all the hate? When the writers + producers started GG, they had their own story that they wanted to tell. So why would they read what tv fans want? I'm sure right now, when we don't even think about it, they already know, how next season would approximately end...in the mean time, they will surprise us with plenty of thinks we could never imagine. - like Dan and Blair: in the beginning of season, when Juliet wasn't introduced yet, the producers/writers knew, they are going to make something out of Dan and Blair. We had no idea. Some of us like it, some of you don't. But producers/writers could never make everybody happy. Let's not argue about it. What Chuck did to Blair, was it to bad or not....let us see, how writers have decided... If i knew, how GG will end, I wouldn't watched it anymore. The most interesting here for me is options, that are surprising and unexpected. Everybody has a right to tell on which team are they, of course. But we should't be "enemies"- we are all loving and watching and crying over the same show :) n.


@M: i agree with you. we should all stop arguing about who should end with who and just enjoy the show. What's interesting in it is not knowing where all theses characters are going. We shouldn't have to be insulting each other over different opinions. Having a lot of options for a tv show is what makes it so great.
@WOW: ahah, yes! BLAIR makes the show, not CHAIR or DAIR! finally someone pointed that out! thanks!
but if i had to choose a couple, i'd say dair. sorry chair fans, i just don't understand how a girl would want to go back to some psychologicaly and physicaly violent guy.
@pty: i'd like derena again too but i don't know if it could work. they've tried so many times without suceeding, i wonder if they really suit each other...


Ok, basically the writers have introduced Dair, but before they can go full throttle on it they had to break the Chair chains properly, at least for a while (hopefully for good).
They didn't want to have Dan go up against Chuck just yet because for that to happen Dair would need a proper history of their own....so they introduced the prince to be the one that brings Chair to an end.
My guess is that the big showdown at the very endgame of Gossip Girl will be between Dan and Chuck, after both ships have been epic.
You can only imagine the online fan wars that will ensue....

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