Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Where is Blair?

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This sneak peek from Monday's Gossip Girl doesn't reveal much - it probably takes place in the first three minutes of "The Wrong Goodbye" - but it establishes right away that despite their differences, Nate, Chuck and Raina are on the same page now.

The question is whether they can get to B before Russell does his worst.

For a breakdown of how we got to this point, check out our Gossip Girl Round Table from this week. Then watch the season finale clip and comment below ...

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@Chair Is Not Over
Im with @K.
Just because Gossip girl isnt a 'role model' does not mean it still can influence others and parents might not want their children to watch a show doesn't mean that they can stop it. I understand your point but I do think @K has a point of why did the writers go such a drastic route of Chuck abusing Blair in the first place to then make it seem so easily forgivable seems really stupid to me.


@K The things I mentioned weren't try to prove a point, they were stuff that happened on the show, the 'killing of a guy' was the whole Serena, drugs thing with Georgina. I'm not saying all this is right, but I never internalized it and for now to get up in arms about GG and Chuck after all these other things have happened on the show before and never got the backlash, is absurd, that was my point. The show was never meant to be a role model just remember the way it started, "Gossip Girl here, your one and only source for the scandalous lives manhattan's elite." It was always there to be shocking, not to be looked up to and if any girl does, it's not the show's fault. It's the parents fault for not talking with her and allowing her to watch.


KHA@ sometimes the best way to show how much someone likes a girl is to let her go when she is not ready yet to share the same feelings and move forward. and that's what Dan has done twice, with Serena and now Blair. Serena has always supported and always there for her. Season 1 Episode 4 was there to Blair by giving good advice. Dan is a good guy, so one of two girls will try to put up with Dan. if it's not already too late or if the screenwriters find a great girl for Dan, who brings intelligence and commitment of Blair, beauty and good faith of serena.


@Chair Is Not Over
I'm sorry but I completely disagree with you. Young viewers might not be completely naive but they are still taking on board what the show is saying unconsciously or consciously. I am not talking about people 'killing a guy' or some of the other more drastic things you have mentioned to try and prove a point. It's a common fact. People mimic the behaviour of others which they look up to which a lot of younger girls do while they watching gossip girl. It could be something simple and superficial as dressing up like those characters or it could go deeper into actually trying to act/behave like some of them. I'm just trying to say that for them to go ahead and go to such a drastic route of showing abuse was so stupid in the first place but now they are making it seem like it was no big deal. You personally might not have been affected when you were younger but that doesn't mean that others aren't.


@K spare me, I was once a younger viewer, started watching GG when I was a teen and in no time did I let it influence me or allow anything like that to happen in my life. Nor did I ever see it and say oh wow look how much fun they're having, let me go drink and do drugs and kill a guy, backstab my best friend, sleep with her boyfriend, it's idiotic. You dont give young viewers enough credit. Don't think they're so naive because they arent. Also, I never said she should forgive him so easily, I said, they are not over, which I dont think they are. He needs time to sort out his issues alone and she needs to go be with the prince for a while so that she can know where she truly wants to be. I personally dont get Dair fans, saying Chair are over without seeing the episode, knowing full well that throughout the entire show's history Chair have been there. Even when Chuck and Blair weren't together, they've been together. They've always loved each other and four years, going on five are not going to be thrown away just like that. Do you honestly think they'll end that story for good? I mean think about it, for good? I don't think so. I'm all for a Dair friendship but, anyone that gets involved between Chuck and Blair are always temporary. They'll always come back to each other, they'll always love each other.


No offense to Chair fans (I once was one) but I cannot understand how you think they are made for each other or whatever. Chuck abused her physically and mentally...I don't know how she can just forgive him like it was nothing..It's sad that this show is now promoting that "Its okay to be abused". I know its all fiction and is a heightened version of reality and what not but there are younger viewers who will watch this and gossip girl might not want to be a role model for people but that doesnt stop people watching it and taking on board the message it is giving that Chuck's behaviour is okay and can be easy forgiven like that.


@Anna that is the Dair biased version of the leaked scripts, it's not the entire script, so Chair fans don't despair because I know there's still hope for Chair. You Dair fans will also see that once the finale is all said and done.




google this "leighton meester us", but note that this is for Dair eyes only, I am afraid that you Chair lovers can not handle to read this. (not because I think you can not read :)


I just can't even with Chair fans. Chair is NOT true love, nor is it healthy in any way. I don't understand how anyone can support or be a fan of that just because once upon a time they made a good couple. It's over. Let the show and characters move on. And stop harassing the writers, seriously.

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