Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: "I Will Survive"

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Grey's Anatomy airs its second-to-last episode of the season Thursday, and it looks as if many story arcs are coming to a head in "I Will Survive." Chief among them?

The Chief Resident competition. With Owen about to conduct interviews, Cristina wants to make sure his mind stays impartial and sharp. That means sexual blackmail.

Meanwhile, with everything up in the air regarding the adoption of Zola and beyond, Meredith starts to wonder just how Derek can be so certain that it will all work out.

Follow this link for a photo gallery from "I Will Survive," then watch the two clips below and tell us what you think we can expect in the season's penultimate episode ...

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Ironacly cristina still got pregnant it fells like season five of scrubs


MerDer can't break up people, they just CANNOT, after everything they have gone through and survived there is no way in hell they can break up or walk out, I mean just look back and remember what all they have survived, wives showing up, sleeping with n number of xyz persons. drowning, loosing faith in love and its possibility, the whole seaosn 4 mess, ring thrown on face, shooting, miscarriage. infertility. OMG its a huge list HUGE LIST and they have survived it all, in the face of all of that this clinical trial thing looks kind of minor.
They will survive this people they really will, because if they don't it would defy three whole seasons of story. their every moment since House Of Candles would be defied, I don't think Shonda is stupid enough to completely negate three whole seasons of her show.
MerDer will they so WILL survive this. in fact I really don't get why are we even thinking all this coz damn it guys Derek is that guy who stood by that wife of his who freaking cheated on him with his bff, what Mer did is kind of NOTHING in front of all that NOTHING specially given the fact that Derek himself had thought about doing EXACTLY this. He would be more mad at her for just not being honest and open about it. I really think we are worrying for no reason coz if such minor jolts can break marriages then we aught to dump this show right away coz it would be cheapest way to demean the sanctity of marriage of the vows which they promised each other form the bottom of their souls.
And if I remember right MerDer are the only ONLY couple whose vows were shown, Alex gave a whole speech to Izzie right but he borrowed that speech from that dieing girl and more than vows it felt like a speech of his feelings for Izzie But MerDer they were shown to promise specific things to each other and all of that came from within them, nothing was borrowed nothing was stolen. it was just THEM and both BOTH promised all of that to each other. So yes I have faith they will survive, they have to, their vows and promises might be put to a severe test, but at the end of the day they will win.


MerDer marrage's too boring past 2 season, it could be a good idea shonda make them split up this time,Derek move out, Cris move in , it'll be fun when Mer/Cri/Alex live together( no April/jason) and find out the meanings of a new life


I don't think Merder will split up. They have been through so many ups and downs and yet they have stood the test of time. Their love and relationship is not so fragile that Derek will leave Meredith just because she compromised the trial. Moreover, I believe everyone will love to see Merder's struggles with work and looking after Zola. So please Shonda, give the couple this storyline next season. on top of that, Meredith could get pregnant to complicate things.


I think Mer is going to be a great mom, cuz she is caring about zola. and I hope she will pergant. Derek will understand why she wanted Mrs webber to take the drug.they are a great couple in that show. when der said if there is a crisis, you dont frezze, you get rest of us to move forward. it was so lovely!! I just want meredith, derek, alex, yang still on grey's anatomy. thats a great,lovely show i ever, hope iz can back together with alex. and bye bye lucy.


I think Merder will end up getting to adopt Zola and just when everything seems perfect and they have a baby Derek will find out what Meredith did in the trial & we'll be left hanging all summer on what happens between them. I think maybe their relationship will be in danger but Meredith will find out she's pregnant and Derek will forgive her. Then they can be a big happy family out in the woods in McDream house. :)


Why can't everyone see that Meredith is just being Realsitic - NOT pessimistic. Everything she said is absolutely true. I'm a hope for the best prepare for the worst person and I've gotta say Derek's repetition of "Everything's gonna be fine" would be driving me absolutely crazy too. Adoption is turturous process and success is nowhere near a given no matter who you are. Derek's air of entitlement (or foregone conclusion if you prefer) could actually do a lot of damage to their hopes if he's not careful. He needs to get his head out of the clouds and work with the reality of the situation. There's optomism and then optomism over reason, and derek's crossed the line.


@Katiej- I don't really give a crap what you think. Without "people like me" season 1 would not have been the best season. So if you don't like what my posts say, skip over them.


After all the lying Shonda's done about MerDer (the Post-It being all the marriage they get being the latest), I'm starting to get hope that she just might break them up for real by the end of season 8. She's said they're together for good, maybe it's a sign that she'll pull the carpet out from everyone and go out with a bang, without being dictated to by insane fans. I can dream, anyway.


I don´t think Mer is being pessimist... I think she´s just afraid!

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