NCIS: Los Angeles Promo: Where is Hetty?

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This week on NCIS: Los Angeles, after a Navy SEAL impostor is set ablaze, the team obtains new information regarding the whereabouts of the stolen Brachytherapy canister.

That means the race is on to stop a dirty bomb from being in play.

Also, in a surprising development, Hetty tenders her resignation. It's not clear why, or whether she will be gone for good. But Claire Forlani makes her debut Tuesday night.

Check out the official preview for "Impostors" below ...

It sounds like the twists coming at the end of NCIS: LA's second season are shocking the cast as well as the viewers. Says Eric Christian Olsen (Deeks) of the next two weeks:

"I remember reading this script in the hair and makeup trailer, and getting to the end of it, and I literally jumped out of my seat, ran outside, and I was like, ‘What? What?!’"

"[I started] looking for a producer or someone to tell me what was going on. That’s what’s so much fun about this, is that these guys are telling stories over 100 episodes."

"We get it as the audience gets it, and I still get tons of adrenaline.”

Daniela Ruah (Kensi) agrees: “I think followers of this show will definitely be having panic attacks, and will be looking forward to season 3 to know what the result is.”

What do you think? Will Linda Hunt be back on NCIS: Los Angeles next season, and what other surprises await us as we head into tomorrow and next week's finale?

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Will not watch it without Hetty. Need to solve the past about Callen and move on


KAJ is right, they aren't going to kill of hetty, there is something that gonna happen and we're gonna know a little bit more about her past and callen's. I thinks lauren is callen's sister and that she did not died and that's why they are both realy good at language. And I think that they was something between the both family that happen and that hetty saved the kids. She was part of the comescu family but didn't like what was going one so she left them. And I think lauren is gonna stay as a "sous" director, a vice director of the LA office. ( ps : I love densi


Deeks is a great new member and I love the firting he he is drop dead sexy


No Hetty and I won't watch the show any longer! The dynamic w her and the team is what makes the show!


Hetty is GREAT on this program. She is a wonderful fit for the program and their leader. Need for her to tell more of her own stories, however. She adds a very interesting twist to it and she should be there as long as it is in play. Which, by the way, I hope is a long time. Love the entire cast as well. This program has not dissapointed me yet! Nor has the original NCIS. HETTY, YOU GO GIRL!!


I watch the show b/c of Hetty, Callen, Kensi & Sam. Ain't no room and am not interested in Lauren! I will jump ship if Hetty's isn't in Season 3!


Nell saw something in Hetty's personal file, maybe the connection with the Comescu family, or maybe just the date when she visit the Tattoo Shop;)


yeah hetty might be back. on their website it says that CBS has accpeted to renew the third season on ncis la on may the 18th. it is going to start late this year


Don't worry - I read somewhere that the production of Season 3 was approved on May 18. And I'm pretty sure Hetty will be back, as always :) Perhaps she is a member of the Comescu "familia" but decided to let go of the feud between the families. Protecting G. Callen is her way of redeeming herself for past sins. And what about the "G" - could his real name be Grigor Callen? :P


Where are the bigger questions? Who the heck is Callen really?? What about the Romanian's from the earlier episodes - the guy that gave him the soldier?? I need to go back and watch them and see the connections I've missed If Hetty is "familia" and they're out to wipe out what is left of Callen's family, then why didn't Hetty do it? Is Hetty lying - she's not part of the "familia"??? And, duh, they're not going to leave Hetty out - typical show ender!!

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