New True Blood Trailer: Vicious Bill, Shirtless Alcide and More!

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A topless, ripped Alcide.

A vicious side of Bill.

And new flirtations between Sookie and Eric that should leave all True Blood fans anxious for more.

Are those teases intriguing enough for you? All those scenes and more are included in the latest trailer for season four of True Blood. Read through our spoilers section for more on what's ahead and check out the trailer below.

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This is going to be the best summer ever. Yay for Eric and Sookie scenes, and yay for Sookie and Alcide scenes. Yay for Tara having a shot at being happy as well! Oh, and yay for the witches, of course. :)


alcide!!!!! phewwwww hot damn!!


O.M.G!!!! this looks so awesome!!! i cannot wait until June!


i like that sookie is more sassy now! this really needed to happen. + Alcide AND eric shirtless ... Oh yeah! :D can't wait for June!


Ohhhh I can't wait much longer


@eric&SOOKIE 4-EVER: especially their voices ;-) Sookie in a kind of "oh no not again" mood, Eric like "FINALLY, YAY" :-D


HAhahah I love it! Bill looks horrible, Eric looks awesome, Tara's hair went from looking disgusting to amazing.... I CAN'T FRIGGAN WAITTT


sookie:,,this is another dream''
eric:,,this is not a dream''


Ooh I love it! Can't wait until June!!


"You'll heal in five minutes, you're a vampire!" Oh, and nice shirtless scenes as well ;-) May I have that trailer in very slow motion, please?


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