Showtime Announces Fate of United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie

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Showtime is putting an end to its current Monday night lineup.

The network announced today that United States of Tara has been canceled, while Nurse Jackie has been renewed for a fourth season.

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Back in the Hospital

The former series is enjoying a fantastic season, but having already seen the finale, I can safely say it's an ideal conclusion to the story of Tara, Max and company. It's hard to see where the show could have gone in the future.

Conversely, I've been down on Nurse Jackie throughout my third season reviews. It's a program that scarcely takes risks and rarely follows through with any kind of consequences for its characters.

Unlike Tara, it's easy to see where Jackie might go next. It's just not anywhere interesting.

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I enjoy USOT but I do have to say the releasing of new alters is starting to loose it's luster for the show. I did enjoy it while it last. Good job showtime.


I think it's the best thing for this series. After the introduction of the alter "Chicken" in the last season I was thinking, what the heck is this? Just a continuation of introducing more and more alters? Plus her sister was an unlikable, negative and selfish person, her daughter was whiny and suffered from know-it-all-itis (and somehow still managed to be insufferably dull), and none of the other story lines were strong enough to keep viewers tuning in. They all just seemed like afterthoughts compared to Tara's regressing. How easy it would be for regular people like me to regress into a "character" when faced with a stressful situation and not have to be held accountable for it, with people coddling me and not holding me accountable no matter how much I screwed up. How convenient. It's best to end this now instead of dragging on the inevitable, and it was becoming less interesting with each episode.


I HATE Showtime channel now.


OMG How Could They Do THAT I LOVE USOT It Waz Beggining To Get Amazing and Very Dark Showtime Are Horrible. I Mean they Let WEEDS Go On For Seven Years and look Where That Show Has Gone, United States Of Tara Could Have Been The Next Weeds DAMN YOU SHOWTIME

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